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    Please comment if you know of any Segulos for Shidduchim

    Thank you 🙂


    Try getting married. That usually does the trick.


    You could also try the following:

    Buy a new knife for Rosh Hashana. After you use it once, burn it within 24 hours. Take the ashes, mix them with chai rotel, and then shmear the whole mess onto your sister’s hair. Make sure to have the proper kavanas as she is yelling at you, otherwise it won’t work. (Due to the nature of this forum, I can not elaborate exactly on what those kavanas are.)Then eat an etrog,regurgitate it, and when it comes out, gather that into an opaque bag. Then, exactly 5 nights later, cut the hair of your sister where the shmear had been. Take the hair and put it into the bag with the etrog, and shake hard at 350 degrees. Let it fester for some time with fruit flies. Afterwards, wait precisely 18 days, 18 hours, 18 minutes, and 18 seconds, and begin to drink the whole mixture, making sure the whole procedure lasts exactly 72 minutes.

    That should work.


    Try eating a chasid.


    Or you could try meeting people.


    Be more tzanua.


    Have 40 Rabbonim recite Perek Shira for you at Amuka.


    Smartstar, I’m sorry to see that your question was answered with such horrible sarcastic meanness. Personally, I’m more accustomed to daven for a yeshua than to use segulahs, so I can’t answer your post myself. But I do hope your own personal yeshua comes quickly.


    1. dating

    2. call a shadchan

    3. ask you’re mothers best friends cousins cats former owner




    Vihyisem li liam segulah. Some have taken this to a whole new level.


    1. say shir hashirim and/or tehillim for a while (some do for davka 40 days). Also, there is a tefillah from the Shelah Hakodosh that you can find easily online.


    Very true, apushata.

    I once read a beautiful article on the topic from Rav Y Reisman (Torah Vodaas). I have yet to read a sensible word on this topic here in the CR.


    “I have yet to read a sensible word on this topic here in the CR.”

    is that the point? if someone wants a real opinion he should be getting it from a live source. the CR is just that , a coffee room. you might get good advice here but that shouldn’t be your only source


    if someone wants a real opinion he should be getting it from a live source.

    I am very much alive! My heart is always pulsing.


    Good Voch!

    Golfer, I’m along the same lines as you. I’ll write in earnest (for a change. Don’t know why)

    Forget the segulos. Direct attention the main, the ikar. Daven in earnest. Real davening, prayer from the heart. Don’t be shy to open up to your creator, let your floodgates loose! Bare the innermost recesses of your heart, of your entire being to the Ribono Shel Olam. Maybe that’s what HaShem is waiting for. Tears, real tears are never lost. They must only be real, not something put on, copied, emulated. Pray, cry out, appeal and pleed to your Gracious Father in Heaven, fervently!!

    Let us hear good news, bekarov!!


    The best segula is especially for older singles where Brachos & Segulos are not working is to go to a Gadol & ask what he/she needs to do in order to find a shidduch. I was 33 years old & was having a very hard time finding a shidduch to the point where Brachos & Segulos were not working so I went to the Mashgiach Hador Hagaon Harav Don Segal Shlita & asked what do I have to do in order to find a shidduch & about five months after I started working on the two things he told me to do I found a shidduch.


    Daven with real kavanah for someone else who needs a shidduch. Hashem is supposed to answer you first.


    In a copper kettle:

    -Pour a bit of respect.

    -Add a drop or two of kindness.

    -Season to taste with some humor.

    -Powder the whole with a generous amount of tznius.

    -Heat gently until it becomes pure gold.

    -Drink it to the last drop.


    try one of the oldest, most reliable methods: Tefillah. Pour your heart out to HaShem! (with your own words!)


    1) Go to Amukah in person

    2) Get on a Jewish dating site and be proactive

    3) Stop being picky & settle >>> Be realistic


    “I am very much alive! My heart is always pulsing.”

    but you are a flower


    1. wash dishes

    2. clean up your room

    3.mop the floors

    4.extra credit: get a job


    Davening for others who need the same yeshuah as it says “kol hamispalel be’ad chaveiro, Hu ne’eneh techillah. Hatzlocho rabboh!


    Speaking of Rabbi Reisman. I believe it was he who said, just imagine how many more frum yidden there would be if they were called the aseres hasegulos instead of dibros.


    Hopefully zero.


    but you are a flower

    A pulsing flower.

    Hence the name PulsingFlower. Because I pulse. And I am a flower: A Pulsing Flower. SO… I pulse.


    Rational Frummie is giving you a watered down version of this segula:

    Daven at approximately the same time at the Kotel for forty consecutive days (including Shabbos). In other words, 2 P.M. mincha or whatever. After davening, say at least 5 chapters of Tehillim, so that by the end of the 40 days you have completed the entire book of Tehillim at least once. Tehillim need to be said slowly and carefully because the Roshei Taivos and Sofei Taivos need to be correct. Each day after Tehillim, say one of the standard Nuschaos for requesting a Shidduch. It’s not a good idea to make up your own Nusach.

    It goes without saying that you need to be making a normal Hishtadlus while you are doing this and afterwards for one year from the day you finish. (You are supposed to be answered within a year.) If you have access to a gadol who knows you well enough to tell you what you are doing wrong, this segula won’t work. It’s only going to work after you have exhausted all “normal” hishtadlus.

    If you decide to use this segula, please post the results in this thread. Many people who are in a bad situation, look for segulos and are taken advantage of by shysters. Pulsing flower is trying to warn you about that. On the other hand, when we have done everything we can do, it is time to daven.

    40 days at the Kotel is less of a “segula” and more of a trans formative experience. What you are really doing is asking Hashem to teach you what is important through the journey of those 40 days. The ideal time for doing this is from Rosh Chodesh Elul until Yom Kippur because it corresponds to Elul Zman. By learning during those 40 days, it means this journey can happen in a way that is all within Derech Hateva. Pulsing flower will be able to say that it would have happened anyways even without 40 days at the Kotel. This preserves the Bechira Chofshis which is very important.

    May you be Zoche to build a Bayis Ne’man B’Yisroel.


    “On the other hand, when we have done everything we can do, it is time to daven.”

    Surely you dont mean this.


    TRUEBT, as apushata pointed out- are you saying that Tefillah is most appropriate for times of great distress and suffering? How about, let’s say, a random rainy Monday morning like today?


    golfer: He’s not wrong. T’fillah B’eis Tzarah is a special obligation in T’fillah on its own, outside of the normal Chiyuv to Daven.


    What I meant was/is (and perhaps this is also how you interpret what I mean – I am uncertain what you mean, so am clarifying) that tefilla is ALWAYS appropriate, it is not a last resort as is implied by TRUEBT. In fact it should accompany every step of ones hishtadlus. The way I understand TRUEBT is that tefilla is merely the place one turns as a last resort, when all else fails.


    Ramban holds that only tefillah be’eis tzarah is midioraisa, so yes, it’s more important.


    apushata, yes I understood TRUEB as you did.

    As for Sam & rationalf, I don’t think an “eis tzarah” is understood as an individual in need of a shidduch (or an individual in need of anything else he feels is important to him). AFAIK an eis tzara is a time when the future of Am Yisrael collectively is at stake. Correct me if you think I’m wrong.

    Tefillah b’eis tzara is certainly of great importance. Our chachamim have also instituted other standardized Tefillos for us. But an individual should not pray for his needs after exhausting all other possibilities. Our bakashos should be an ongoing part of our daily communication with our Creator.


    Tamim Tihyeh Im Hashem Elokecha is always Midoraysa.

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