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    Today I was musing how amazing it is that I have a list of priorities, given to me by the Torah, of how to prioritise where to devote my talents, strengths and energies.this enables me to live a happy conflict free life,

    After i duly went through the list in my mind it occurred to me that self wasnt on my list. And that’s when it hit me :

    I need a happy healthy self to devote my service to my priorities. But if self or happiness for that matter was on that list, it would be avoda zara. Glad I didn’t buy into the selfy avoda zara of today 🙂

    Hope this wasnt self evident to you all, and if it was, I apologise for boring you.

    Wishing everyone a freilichen chanuka (especially syag) and good Shabbos!


    Why especially Syag but not me?

    🍫Syag Lchochma

    just a way of being patronizing under the guise of being kind so it will go unnoticed by many or most. A bit passive aggressive and a touch of disingenuity.


    Alas syag, you have mistaken my intentions again. I meant to show you no hard feelings, as you have been a bit overly sensitive to my posts. Sorry I keep rubbing you the wrong way:(


    CS: Are you in Eretz Yisroel?


    I’m not following – Why would taking care of self be considered avoda zara? You just said you need a happy self to be able to fulfill your duties and responsibilities?

    Joseph, I noticed last night (in E”Y) that CS posted before the zman in the US, it was about 9:30 E”Y time. She has mentioned in previous posts that she is in a different time zone. But she could be anywhere in Europe, Russia, Africa, Asia, Australia- after all, Chabad is all over the world! Since she has not told us where she lives, she probably wants it to remain obscure.


    @joseph let’s just say I’m not posted in America….

    Happy to clarify. My list is the list of priorities of where to devote my energies.
    Like this :

    Hashem (as clarified by the Rebbe and Rabbonim)
    Individuals /friends outside community

    If I would be in the list, it would mean I devote my energies tiaras serving myself, hence a misuse of my energies. Rather, i need to have energies to devote to all the above so I take care of myself.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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