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    Can someone who knows alot about Seminar and/or has connections to there please tell me about it in detail? (student body, program, hashkafa, teachers, classes, level of warmth, etc.) I am curious to hear about it. I am currently in 12th grade. I live in Lawrence and I go to TAG. I am looking for a growth oriented place with nice, good, solid girls and stimulating, interactive and inspiring classes with a middle of the road (considering that I am coming from TAG) level of academics.


    I recommend speaking with girls just a little bit older than you who know you and know the different seminaries today. My impression is that most seminaries are very similar and the differences are very slight (assuming you stay within the yeshivishe ones). Your school should also be able to help somewhat, Strangers who don’t know you don’t seem to be a very good resource for making life decisions (especially very expensive ones).


    With it but frum not extremely hard. Sounds like it ticks off those boxes.

    Pinchas Butter

    CT Rebbe is right – and also – It looks like your question is your answer. If you are posting , then Seminar might not be the right place for you

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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