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    Hi I am in the 12th grade and am iyh planning to apply to seminaries. I was wondering if any girls who went to the seminary called Seminar in the past year could help me with the following questions:

    1. Were the classes in the past interesting?

    2. what was the schedule like?

    3. Were you able to connect with the teachers?

    4. And is there anything that you liked/disliked about the seminary?


    1) Yes. Most of the classes were really interesting. There are maybe one or two boring ones, but the teachers are very good and engaging and like when the class participates and discusses.

    2) Because there are electives, the schedule after lunch was random. The morning classes ended at about 1-1:30, and then we went back to the dorm for lunch. Then there were afternoon classes and night classes, of which some were electives, so the schedule became a little inconsistent. Some days after lunch you could have a couple hours free, and some days you could have a free hour here and there between classes. Also, Thursday afternoon is free because we have chessed.

    3) Yes. Although many of the teachers have busy lives – teach at other seminaries, have many young children, they still have time/make time for their students. You can call them with no problem and go to their house for meals. Seminar encourages students to connect to the staff. Each class has a homeroom teacher, which is that class’s mechaneches. Also, the school is divided into groups of 20-30 girls that meet with mechanchos, (not the homeroom teacher), once a week.

    4) What I liked

    – The dorm atmosphere

    – the food is really good compared to many places

    – the work was challenging but not impossible. Also, there are tutors in the library 2 times a week that tons of girls use.

    – tiyulim were awesome – i loved the hikes

    – production is really amazing and fun and everyone is involved

    – the school puts on a huge carnival for sderot kids and kids from shelach lachmicha – which is an organization run by one of seminar’s teachers for special needs kids and their families

    – lots of places to lounge – couches all over the place and hammocks on the roof.

    – awesome pressure in the showers

    – they also gave extensions for huge papers that everyone complained about

    – girls from all over that are amazing

    – the most normal and abnormal seminary at the same time

    what I did not like (does not compare to what i did like)

    – the computers are extremely slow

    – don’t have showers on every floor

    – the curfew is at 10:30


    hudi, great job!!!!! couldnt have done better myself. some things i might add……

    1)majority of the classes were really great, the teachers EXCELLENT!!! the teachers are there to help you. whatever you feel like you need from them, they are THERE FOR YOU!!!

    2) the schedule varies from day to day, depending on what extra curricular activities are going on during that time of year, yemai iyun and vaad. but overall, there is a LOT of free time. there is more than enough time to do what you want to do.

    3)as for connecting with teachers, i personally am close to a few of them and have kept in touch since i came back. as i said before, THEY ARE THERE FOR YOU.

    4)what i liked:

    – the staff is really open minded and whatever you need, you know you could count on them. nothing will shock them and they will help you with anything.

    -there are girls from all over and i like to define seminar as a family, cuz thats what it really is in my eyes. at least our year, everyone was friends with everyone else.

    – there are places to go in the dorm, a really nice lounge, with couches and a piano, dining room, etc.

    I CANT THINK OF ANYTHING OFFHAND THAT I DIDNT LIKE!!!!!! its deffinately an adjustment in the beginning, but its well worth it!!! go for it!!!


    Hi! im also IYH going to be applying for Seminar.. had a couple questions myself. What kind of girls go there? is there a big variety or strictly yeshivish or strictly to the left etc.. how many girls usually go to seminar?



    Hi! IMYH I am also going to apply to seminar this year. hope we all get in bygirl10 and schnitelaltheway! One q i have; are they extremely strict with curfew? do you get grounded if you are late?


    So I went to seminar a few years ago. I loved it and I’m the person who is always homesick. There are no more night classes so you are for sure done by 630 but it depends on which electives you choose to take….. The girls there are a big mix there is no way to describe it…. It is more out of town but that is also dependent on the year you go, bc it can change year to year. The girls who do go there are girls not who be necessarily do well, but girls who put there best foot forward and try. With curfew they are pretty good, if you know you are going to be late you can get excused for it in advance and they are very good about that. When you come late and not excused and you have no excuse, you will have to sit detention, which is not bad. On a designated night you and all the other months late girls sit In the library and can do anything you want you just have to be there for an hour. Personally I didn’t mind it because it made me sit down and do my work. Thy are not atrocity one way they are verrrryyyyy open minded!!!!!It really is a caring place.


    Hi! I will also IM”H be applying to Seminar! YAYY! What’s the difference between Seminar and Ateres? They sound very similar… And are the dorms nice?


    ok thanks life isbumpy!! also, do you know what is the criteria of getting in? what is the dresscode? any coloured shirt and pleated skirt? i hear that seminar is very “school-like” is that true?


    Is the school very Yeshivish? How strict are they about things like non-Jewish music on iPods? Dress codes? Curfew?


    go seminar! you also applying there sh17? any information about seminar what you loved about it i would love to hear !!


    also, can anyone answer this about seminar? candy613 do you know anything aboput seminar- u gave excellent words on ateres! often people say that seminar is so big that they dont focus on the girl indivudually is this true?

    2) do they stuff 5 girls in a room and is it very claustrophobic?

    3)are there a miz of girls as in some seriosu some more party?



    I would like to apply there I just don’t really know so much about it 🙂


    I also heard that seminar is like 13th grade…is that true? and i also heard that its less yeshivish than ateres but i dont know how true that is…


    I was in Seminar last year and a few years ago a sis was there too. This year I have two pretty close friends who are there so I have some perspective on it.

    Dress code – not too restrictive. the usual button-down etc.

    Yeshivish – I think a lot of sems are good so I’m not gonna compare one to the next but it’s a very normal place. Girls are solid frum and aren’t into bad things at all. some would be called yeshivish and others would be more balabatish but not bummy.

    Warm – You betcha. Doesn’t matter how many girls there are because they are so serious about being there for the girls and they really are. the staff is there for them and had them over at their houses and makes real time for them. To me – that and the upbeat atmosphere was what made my year so awesome.

    rooms – some have 3, some 4, 5 and some 6. it’s not cramped but it’s not super roomy. i heard they added a bunch of showers this summer so now there’s a ton of them.

    The two best parts about Seminar is their staff and the girls. i loved ’em both and so did my sis.


    meAndU are the girls in towny or not??


    depends how you define yeshivish…

    is the food good 😀


    haha4 – which town? 🙂

    hate to stereotype but for sure more out of towny than new yorkish. very friendly and normal and accepting. the east coasters who were there my year were that type as well but they kept on saying that they weren’t typical ny’ers.

    food is too good. expect to gain some weight unless ur real careful. aaron and his chocolate danishes – grrrrrrr!


    hi what is nachlas like?? friendly, warm, very academic??


    I hear that Seminar is changing its name to Bais Yaakov Seminar and that there will be more emphasis on living a Bais Yaakov life. Anyone heard anything about this?


    Yeah, I also heard it and it sounds really amazing!! I heard they’re also going on a Poland trip in the winter. Anyone know anything about this??

    I hear they’re being really picky with the people they’re taking 🙁


    YochiP, Picky is good. It means the cream of the crop will be there with you!


    and what makes you think your so creamy yourself?

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