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    Anyone know if BJJ and Bnos Sarah and Mesores Rochel were received today??? Kinda freaking out


    it depends were u live imh u will get in to the right place


    can someone please help me. im deciding between seminar and lahav. advice please?! TIA


    hi if ur good kid please go bec im prob going there


    Anonymous – my friends revived their replies

    Hashtag14- I’m going to seminar im”H 🙂


    36- yay yay ill be seeing u their 🙂


    I’m also going to seminar!!


    It’s good that your friends are CPR certified.


    does ao know how to apply to bjj and bnos sarah and bnos chava?


    You can also look into chemdas its very academic i think and its on its first year so wen u go itll be its second yr and its a veey frum place academic i dont know the details of it so much but u can call their office or im sure someone knows


    ok but once again i said that i need a sem thats been open for at least 10 yrs!!


    GO SEMINAR!!!! it’s open for 30 years!!!! That’s a lot of experience and a great reputation!!

    But don’t worry, it got much better since the first years…

    And BTW- not sure if Bnos Sarah is 10 years old yet…


    I believe that Bnos Sarah is 10 years old, but I’m not sure. (I know someone who went 2006-7 and I don’t think that she was there the first or second year but I could be wrong.)

    I go to a seminary that has been around for a very, very long time (seminarily speaking, at least- I know a girl who was the third generation there in her family) and it’s a fantastic place, but I also know of girls in much newer sems who have had a wonderful year. Machon Raaya, for instance- I’m not even sure if it’s five years old but it’s now really put itself on the map and all my friends there love it. And then there are older sems that have sketchy things happen (like Pninim- whatever you may think about that whole thing, it was still an established sem that went through a very rough period). You really just have to know what you’re getting into. Perhaps a sem that’s not in its first or second year would be better for you, but an arbitrary cutoff like “10 years” is probably unnecessary.


    k but i am only willing to go to israel for a seminary that i know that i will love and so thats y i narrowed it down so much

Viewing 14 posts - 1 through 14 (of 14 total)
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