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    I heard that if this war gets too bad they are going to evacuate the seminaries and yeshivas meaning all the seminary girls will have a short year.. Unless they come back next year for a half year to make up for it…


    Who is this “They”?

    There is no central body that governs the Yeshivas and Sems.

    More likely you are hearing the speculation that parents might summon their kids home out of fear.


    more_2 -“I dunno about seminaries, but the Yeshiva Bochurim should not leave. The more people learning – the more Zecusim for EY. Years ago, when there was a war -it was commonplace to cancel Bain Hazmanim -in order to have more learning going on.


    You heard wrong.


    “01:55 Air France announces there may be disruption of its flights to and from Israel (Haaretz)”

    I knew that was going to happen any moment. With rockets falling around Cholon, Bat Yam, Rashlatz and Tel Aviv, what else would you expect? One will start, the rest will follow. By tomorrow morning, we might very well wake up and find that only El Al is still flying to Israel.


    KLM is following, I just hear from a Dutch-Israeli friend.

    Just checked the Amsterdam Schiphol airport departures for Friday and while the KLM website doesn’t mention anything, these flights (scheduled in 21 hours from now) already show as ‘delayed’:

    09:15 Tel Aviv LY 338 El Al Israel Airlines Expected Details

    20:50 Tel Aviv DL 9575 Delta Air Lines Delayed Details

    20:50 Tel Aviv KL 0461 KLM Royal Dutch Airlines Delayed Details


    More_2, Where did you get your info? My daughter is in eretz yisroel in sem and I heard nothing of the sort! I’m still very much looking forward to going to visit in the winter !


    Great maybe some shidduchim will come out of this

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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