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    would you let your son marry a girl that did not go to seminary??

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    Yes I would. It is a special year indeed, but it does not take away from the person’s whole being if she did not go to seminary.


    on the contrary, how much greater such a girl is, that she didnt feel it necissary to blow 20 grand of her parents much needed money on her spending 9 months in israel partying. that such a girl, even though “everyone” else was going had her priorities straight and realised it was unnecissary. i think to stop a shidduch from such a girl would be a real pity and loss on ur part for a girl who sees things with reality in mind.


    It depends why she didn’t go.


    Of course i would, my own girls didnt go because of finances. Yet they are still good frum girls. Seminary has nothing to do. As it is finding a shiduch is hard enough ,why add this to the list?


    why are you assuming that yoyo meant Israel? There are plenty good sems right here in the usa.


    What does being a good girl and going to seminary have to do with each other????


    I am talking about seminary in gen im in 11th grade and i dont believe that i need to go to seminary yes i believe that it would be nice to spend a year in israel my parents cant afford it i dont think i can manage to be away from my family for such a long time and my mom wants her children near her

    when i was talking to my classmates they said if you dont go then you wont be able to get married or shidduchs will be declined because you didnt go to seminary


    “on her spending 9 months in israel partying.”

    You’re right about the finances, but, I doubt anyone’s going to sem to “party” (although you’re allowed to have some fun too, but that’s not the main focus). Just like bochurim need a yeshiva to shteig so do girls. There’s nothing wrong with a girl who doesn’t go to sem, but, it’s a nice year that prepares you for life.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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