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    yep, the sem talk is BACK!

    hi everyone. my friend is applying to sem this year and was wondering if shoshanim is opening this year?


    It’s only July. Can’t this wait until at least September?




    So, did you have a different username before this one? Are you going to change it again now (twice)?


    no my subtitle got changed due to my change of seminary. i was always need seminary help until i decided where i was going and the mods kindly changed me to no longer need sem help


    ok i dont kw at about shoshanim so sorry:( but maybe u can help me out with bjj bnos chava and bnos sarah?!



    BJJ- is really academic it’s literally like a yeshiva just for girls

    Bnos Sarah- more goody-goody also quite academic but not as much

    Bnos Chava- quite academic, girls are more in town but you find girls from all over

    (this is the info I heard)

    Good luck!


    Guys this seminary talk is hilarious!! I know I also comment bc I also need sem help but this is so funny cuz every other thread is about sem!!! It’s just really funny to see!!


    bygirl1997 i have no advisor no to talk to bc im not in hs im in college in high school!! so basically obviously some random not jewish college advisor wont b able to help me so i REALLY need pples help!! which one would u choose for me i need a place thats VERY academic and i would prefer yeshivish so thats y im looking into bjj and bnos sarah and bnos chava but i really only want to go in order to learn!! so what should i do? what would u recommend? ao? (i go to night sem)

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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