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    As the time is coming closer for the next batch of girls to leave to seminary does anybody have some good advice for us because we are soooo nervous!! Please, any type of advice will be appreciated!


    what are you afraid of. chill


    Stay far far away from seminaries.

    Keep your ears open. That way the soap used on your brain will exit quicker & will not give you a headache.

    Seriously, Keep cell use down, and spend more time traveling the land. Bike the Kineret, and get to Ma’aras HaMachpailah (while you still can). Stay both at a Yerushalmi and a Settlement for a shabbos. Experience the entire Eretz Yisroel, and Geulah is not Paris 🙂


    you will be baked. and then there will be cake.


    just be yourself and dont be a faker. and open your eyes and ears to ALL your sem-mates. you never know but the girl you thought is SO not your type, may be what you were looking for in a friend. HATZLACHA


    What specifically are you nervous about? being far away from home? having to make new friends? the curriculum?


    depends on sem but theyre usually a waste of time! speaking from experiece but if ur anyways going than see israels beauty! learn abt the jewish nation in every angle and have fun!


    Unfortunately we have heard to often that suddenly this great girl/boy hooked up with the wrong friends overseas and then totally changed to a different person which is painful to parents.

    In the big yeshivos such as Mir the boys are attached to a Rosh Chaburah who meets with the boys on a daily basis and serves as a mashpia with whom they can discuss any topic or thoughts they may have. Perhaps the seminaries too should offer this or if you have someone in Eretz Yisroel that would be able to check on your daughter and make sure she is where she is supposed to be. Calling on a cell is not the answer as the person could easily lie as to where they really are. Last year, there were a few girls from a well known seminary that were shipped home for reasons i will not write but chas v’shalom there should be a repeat. Remember, you are paying a lot for the seminary so let your daughter eat food that they serve.If it is not her taste, there is always bread and water. Don’t let her have credit card for use of her choice. As far as the cell phone. If you insist she has one, make sure there is a way you can get a record of all her calls and text or better don’t have text service as it is ossur in Eretz Yisroel or better get her a kosher phone.

    Hatzlacha and lots of nachas!

    ….and if you are still so worried, keep her here. There are good seminaries here and the money you will save could go for at least one year of support if not more.


    chill and make sure to be yourself. dont put on a fake. its not worth it. when you come back to the real world and real life they will all know who you are really and its jsut not worth it.


    Just be excited! And grateful to your parents for giving you this opportunity. Stay real. Spend as little money as you can: you will be very glad to have got into good habits after the first few months.

    Don’t fall into any I’m so homesick ruts around the yomim tovim – you’re going to be in E”Y (I’m assuming, or somewhere different and interesting) for goodness sakes! Of course you’ll miss your family but not as much as you might think.

    Find someone in the sem to have create a really good relationship with. That’ll take time but you will be so glad to have a mentor, along with your parents, for reality checks through life.

    Hatzlacha, and may we all be there sooner than school’s scheduled to start.


    you must live up every day!!!its the most amazing experience ever!!!in the beg it might be hard till get used to it but everyones in the same boat and adjusting together. In the beg you’ll be all into the thrill of being in sem- going all over and finding the funnest places to go for shabbos..staying up all night..but you shouldnt waste your year on that. make time to go to the kotel once a week, go to get brachos, go to inspiring places for shabbos.. and try to go to sleep at a normal time so you can gain all you can from the classes!!seriously appreciate all the learning and classes before its over!hatzlacha!


    The only reason I’m nervous is because I am not the outgoing, friend making type- I’m very bad at just starting a friendship- majority of my small group of friends I’ve had since I was little when making friends was much simplier! What to do????

    Another name

    bygirl93, Bh you have a whole year to forge beautiful, longlasting relationships. Since the other girls will be seeing you in many settings (outside the classroom), they will automatically become closer to you. I’m sure they will see much good in you, and will be eager to get to know you. I have no doubt that you will come back with a wonderful group of friends.

    In general, seminary is a girl’s 1 year of self-discovery. Their opportunity to discover what they want in life, and to grow and mature into a true bas yisroel!

    I wish all seminary girls much hatzlacha! Use this year (or 2) well!


    Just inform the mods of your name change to something like BJJgirl93….


    Don’t worry if you’re not outgoing. Just be nice… Force yourself to do group things, and eventually you’ll find your friends. Eat in the dining room, hang out in the main room (or wherever) at recess, join in whenever you can. This is especially important in the beginning, b/c trust me, no one there has made friends yet. Outgoing ppl need ppl like you!


    kish- lol! nope! its staying this way- besides its only one letter short of my sems initials- and thanx another name 🙂

    Gummy Bear

    Ms. Critique who may always know the answers correctly:

    I’m glad you’re not my mum, and I feel bad for your kids.

    Sorry if this post upsets you, but your post upset me.


    seminaryhelp; Don’t hang out, don’t get into an arab cab. Take cabs with at least one more girl, preferably someone that speaks some Hebrew.

    Not every restaurant that says hechsher Badadtz is a good hechsher, It means Beis Din Tzedek.

    It can be a beis din tzedek of Mir n Tosh, or Ohev Shalom,

    Shomrei Negiya, or Sulam Yaakov.

    it’s just words in hebrew with a seal, on a piece of paper.

    Some of them, (aside from those that aren’t a good hechsher,)

    DONT EVEN EXIST!!! just a number that you call that is connected to an answering machine that never gets answered . please get educated, ask your rabbi of sem of whatever male figure that is familiar with what hechsherim are acceptable.

    Go out to your local Makolet (usually a “Super” something)

    & buy a bottle of every spring water imaginable. Refrigerate,

    then have a cup of each. The one that is the most tolerable,

    i.e. most of it’s contents make it down your throat,

    or better yet the one that allows you to take another swig,

    voluntarily, be sure to check the brand…. and CONGRATULATIONS! You have found yourself a winner. Now you’ll know what to stock up on, instead of having to switch from water to say.. diet coke.

    bygirl93; first of all, about making friends, just be yourself,

    (unless your real self is boring) always approach the other girls

    (that seems cool & your type first) and introduce yourself,( but not in a hyper, on speed, way, just happy and chilled) then ask their name if they don’t reply with theirs, ask what school they’re coming from, then make a comment to put them at ease, like a joke.

    It can’t be a bad one though, cuz that’ll pretty much end it.

    Then move on, saying “nice meeting you, let me know if I need any help you w/ anything.”


    Sorry, I meant to say “nice meeting you, let me know if I can help you w/ anything.”


    Ms. Critique, I think to sum up your comment, you can say “don’t expect to put a son/daughter on a plane and expect them to grow up in ten hours. Immaturity is not location-specific. (I’ll also add that I enjoy your comments.)

    b_h, I got a kick out of your post. Welcome back.



    You don’t need a lot of friends, just one or two will also help you. You most likely, will not be rooming alone. That will give you more of an opportunity to make friends. You don’t have to be outgoing to make friends. My sister has always been painfully shy, yet she still managed to make friends, albeit quieter ones. Her friends turned out to be some of the nicest people I know.


    kapust-ahh; Thanks!

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