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    hey guys I’m pretty new here and I’m applying for seminaries and all they asked for was a personal autobiography…

    what am i supposed to write?!?



    Write about me


    A lot of seminaries say they want your motivations for wanting to learn in Israel, your expectations of seminary, your skills, interests, achievements, furute plans, background, goals… (I took that all from 2 seminary applications.) Just talk about yourself and your family.

    nonikname: do you happen to know if when they give their deadline it means they wont accept applications after that? Also, when they say they want 4 pictures do they want four of the same picture?


    When my sister was applying to places that asked her to write something personal, I suggested that she write that she needs to use the restroom.

    Unrelated: I went into Chai Pizza the other day and ordered a personal pie. When they brought it out, I bent forward to the counter-person and whispered, “do you have a private place for me to eat this? I can’t eat such a personal pie in public!”

    He didn’t think it was funny.

    I don’t either


    You went into Chai Pizza and asked for a private place to sit?

    No wonder they looked at you funny. That place is jam-packed wild.

    “Nobody goes there. It’s too crowded.”— Yogi Berra or whoever

    And besides, Sheli’s (Maple, NOT Too) is the best pizza. Hands down.

    Burnt Steak

    Just write a creative story about yourself. Tell them how you had to study how to fight evil combat chickens in the land of pandas. They will know what you are talking about and chances are that it will blow them away. (if it doesn’t blow them away then it will at least grab their attention.)


    I laughed Veltz 🙂

    It’s four of the same picture. And I’m pretty sure they won’t accept applications after the deadline.


    swatthatfly: yeah theyr pretty serious unless u have pull

    nd yeah im doing the same photo

    veltz: haha!! u sound like my year old brother nd it wud b rly sad if u werent that age


    nonikname – Definitely leave out the number when trying to describe your brother’s age.


    haha!!! i meant 11 year old


    They want to hear stories of overcoming personal challenges. Write about the time you had to get up before 10am on a Sunday for your nephew’s bris. Or about the time your razzle was missing a topping but you kept quiet when the server begged you not to make a scene.


    Most girls just make stuff up. Like say how you used to be fat but now are thin, or used to have an eating disorder but now are fat.


    Avidi ligiluyei?!


    I should have saved that post that someone wrote, about how their niece is smart but not super academic and looking to really grow. That should work.

    I wrote my personal statement about Solomon Dwek, and I got in, though not to Chemdas.


    They want to know about your family. About a paragraph or so should do. They want to know what you did in High School. That means any jobs you had, big and small. Why you want to go to E”Y. It should be about a page or a page and a half long. Ask your principal or a teacher for help. Some people will let you see their Biography so you can get an idea. This is not the time to be humble, write all your strengths. Good Luck


    I doubt it highly if anyone really sits down to study your paragraphs. It should just be , sound impressing.

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