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    Hi I am looking for more information on Machon Raaya seminary. If anyone can help me it would be greatly appreciated. I’m very curious about the girls that attend but any info will be helpful! Thanks in advance 🙂



    Disclaimer: I went there two years ago, and I understand that things may be a little different.

    Also, if you have any specific questions, feel free to ask!


    I understand its an oot seminary that’s very open minded. I want a place that I can grow and I would love to be in a Bais yaakov environment but I am worried that I am not there yet and I may be too far behind other girls. To give you more information I also applied to Darchei Binah and I currently listen to non Jewish music and watch movies. Are these thing that girls in machon raaya can understand? I really appreciate the help.


    You would have been comfortable my year…I’ve heard it’s gotten a lot more “New-Yorky,” so I can’t really tell you about now.

    Also, I guess it sort of depends on what things you are into…like, are you watching/listening things that you really wish you wouldn’t be wathcing/listening to? I myself watch/listen to secular media, but am very careful as to what. That was the sort of place it was my year – people who come from less insular backgrounds, yet very discerning with what they expose themselves to.


    That sounds like me. I definitely try to censor what I watch and listen too. Thanks for the help!


    shabboskodesh- if I were you I would check into Ateres as well…

    there are a huge mix of girls there all on very different levels, but somehow they have created an atmosphere where every girl can grow at her own pace, yet together with everyone else, and it is something very unique!


    My sister is in Machon Raaya and she absolutely loves it. But there you wouldn’t be able to watch movies or listen to music… Also, the girls there are smart and want to learn.

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