seminary dorm rooms. what are they like?

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    I know that this question is superficial, but it does matter…how do you rate seminary dorms like Ateres, Meohr and Darchei Binah??


    Darchei Binah dorm rooms are not beautiful. On a less superficial point: in at least one of their dorms there are no working smoke detectors.


    Dorms are gonna be dorms… For seminary dorms though Ateres and Meohr happen to be considered probably 2nd and 3rd after Nachlas… that’s just my opinion. They are both really nice. Nothing there that smelled looked gross or made you cringe if you know what I mean… Both are very comfortable


    Ateres dorms aren’t hotel rooms but they are definitely liveable. They are a good size and pretty clean.


    Chamirts sakanta m’isura (one must be more stringent on matters that present a danger than matters that are “merely” issur).

    In my opinion, having a smoke detector is more important than having a mezuzah!

    After all, the dorming girls may not even have (on them) a chiyuv to have a mezuzah on their rooms since they can always be ordered to switch rooms, so they have no kviyus dirah. But a smoke detector is a chiyuv d’oraysa of v’nishmartem…


    dont know if you were in the new building of ateres, but i thought there dorms were actually very nice especially in comparison to other seminaries.


    the dorm at bnos chaim seminary in lakewood is cozy and each room is decorated to have the seminary feeling its because their aim bayis was aim bayis at a bunch of isreali sems and wants that ruach

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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