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    Can anyone please suggest a seminary for my friend? She’s a frum girl who goes to a Beis Yaakov-y school (it’s the only frum girls school in the city), but she’s more modern. She keeps halacha (davens every day, frum family) but like she listens to non-Jewish music and reads non-Jewish books. She’s very academic and wants to grow further in terms of knowledge and hashgapha while being accepted for her current level. I suggested Darchei Binah to her or maybe Levavi…..any info would be great! Also, do you know of any seminary programs for the summer that would fit her?


    Michlalah? Sharfman’s?


    MMY, Harova, Midreshit Tehilah. All are good places. Also sounds like you are an out of towner. talk to girls that are coming back from Isreal for Pesach (If there are any) or talk to anyone that just came back from Israel. They will have the best feel of the different seminaries and what type of girls they cater to.


    Are you talking about applying for the coming year? It’s definitely a little late!

    from Long Island

    Sorry, but Michlalais for very, very serious girls who want to work on their hashkafa, with a very intensive academic program. Usually, Bais Yaacov girls do not go there tho.

    Darchei Binah has a wonderful reputation for openness, BUT serious girls who are intent on working on themselves. the girls I know who came out of both schools are very frum, educated young women. (including my daughters)

    Midreshed Ha’Rova is a great place for girls who have questions, BUT, I do not think their academic track is overly ambitious.


    No, she’s only in 11th grade.

    Also, I just want to add that she’s going to university and plans to work full-time after that.

    Can you please tell me more about MMY, Harova, and Midreshit Tehilah? Are they for the summer or full-year?

    Also, regarding Harova, what does “not very academic” mean? Everyone always throws that term around, but I don’t really have a grasp on it. Do you mean it’s more hashkafa/chessed based or that they’re not into tests/homework?


    matve pninim?

    although it is a bit late to apply to seminary……..


    shalavim for women- its halahic modern orthodox and many of the teachers are charedi. ts is a great mix of dtaff anf allows you to grow and feel comfertable where you want to grow to.


    MMY sounds like it’s what she’s looking for. It’s very intensive learning-wise and the Hashkafa fits on the right-hand side of Dati Leumi. Either there or Michlala.


    Popa is the seminary expert.

    You should go to BY half day, and teach at BY high school the other half day.


    After talking to my friend she thinks that Midreshet Tehillah sounds really good for her!!!! But, she can probably only go for a summer…..I know that there is a Neve Summer Session mentioned on their website, but it has nothing to do with MT. Any summer seminaries that are like Midreshet Tehillah?


    because she listens to goish music & reads secular books she is modern?


    how would you describe those things? how would you describe modern?


    Normal. No bad thoughts about the fact she listens to secular music. Many girls listen to secular music, but they’ll deny it.


    Modern is doing things that couldn’t possibly have been done in the past.


    And listening to secular music could have been listened to in the past. Mai Haichon Ra’ayah (from here it’s a proof) that listening to secular does not deem a person modern!


    Machon Raayah sounds PERFECT for her!


    The OP is a ridiculous question. It is impossible to be modern and frum. This is the one thing that Charedim and Noah Feldman agree on.


    Veltz Meshugener: Why is it impossible to be modern and frum?

    Burnt Steak

    VM So you are saying that it is possible to live completely following Halacha and yet still not be frum?

    There are many modern people who are more frum than yeshivish people. You can’t make that ridiculous statement. Where is your proof and who are you that you can say something like that.

    What about someone like me who grew up in a small Jewish community not close to New York (I will not use the term “out of town” because I find “town” to be relative). I grew up modern and still am. Are you telling me that I am not frum?

    I know that MMY and Harova are full year programs. I don’t know if they have a summer component.

    🍫Syag Lchochma

    burnt steak- I think he was trying to be funny

    Burnt Steak

    Could be, but I find it hard to detect the sarcasm in the post. I don’t know who Noah Feldman is, so if that is where it is then I missed it and took it way too literal.

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