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    chavi stern

    this is for all you girls out there. Bubbies and Tatty’s keep out. I’m going to seminary next year in Yerushalayim, I’m both nervous and exited. Any ideas or tips?


    No Tattys, boo!


    Dont take pakeges


    dont drink too many mitz-pri’s!!


    That’s right. DON’T TAKE PACKAGES FROM ANYBODY to Israel.


    a good warm raincoat, pair of good quality, comfortable (maybe waterproof) shoes


    First of all if that is really your name why publicize it on a public forum.

    I have some advice, before you leave think about what you want to accomplish theres. Maybe even write it down and take it with you. Periodically look at it and ask yourself, “am I accomplishing what I came here to accomplish? If not, why not, whats getting in the way.”

    If you are going to EY to spend a year partying then please remember that Eretz Yisroel is a holy place and anything inappropriate one does in EY one gets a bigger aveirah and bigger onesh for.


    Well first of all i definately agree with everything that “WELLINFORMEDYID” said! I was in sem this past year and it deffinately made a huge difference to me that i wrote down what i wanted to accomplish! at the end of the year i looked back and boy did i feel accomplished! You can even mark down in your calender every week something else to work on (something small ex:making sure to smile at everyone etc…) and iventually it will become habit!

    One thing i grew a lot in is Tifella! GO TO THE KOSEL A LOT! The more you go the more you feel a kesher towards the kosel/hashem! And whatever areas you are hoping to grow in daven that hashem should help you! All you have to do is daven and a little hishtadlus and hashem will do the rest!

    hatzlacha rabba!!!!!!


    — Like WellInformedYid said write down what you want to accomplish. You need the reminder once in a while.

    —Write down things that happened that inspire you, nice ideas…i have a friend who say in class and a had a seporate notebook where she wrote down different quotes the teacher’s said in class that struck her-i thought it was a really good idea! Also, when you are at people’s houses (Shabbos, Chessed…) and you see something you like-write it down!

    — If you eat something at someone’s house that you like, ask for the recipe and have a special notebook for it. By the end of the year you will have a whole cookbook!

    — just to repeat what hashemsprincess wrote: Go to the Kosel! Everyone says to, and you think you will but unless you make it a set thing to go a certain day, it wont happen. And, don’t compromise on that day-stick to it even if you have a test the next day or a report due-try not to compromise on it. By the end of the year you feel really good about doing it.

    —Someone told me this before I went: Throughout the year and at the begining of the year epecially,many schools go to different kvarim. Keep your spot in Tehillim so you can start where you left off. (I also used that when I went to the Kosel, just stam wanted to say tehillim….)It makes it much more meaningful when you aren’t just saying Tehillim but you are going to finish a few times over.

    —DONT SLEEP IN CLASS!!! For some reason in seminary it becomes accepted to sleep in class-i don’t know why because in HS its totally unheard of but in seminary everyone seems to think its ok and its NOT. Its a tremendous lack in Derech Eretz and you are loosing so much you can gain and is that why you worked so hard and came to EY??? If you make that a priority not to sleep and put your head down in class, then youll really feel good at the end to know that you didn’t do what so many others did. (hopefully you wont have that problem in seminary but in case you do….)

    —Bring a recorder and use it a lot! ask the teacher’s first to make sure but usually they dont mind-those recordings are pricless afterwards!

    —Ask questions! This is very likely the end of your Limudei Kodesh education-take it all in! (Also, when else do you have a year of only Torah and Limudei Kodesh?)

    —By the Yomim Tovim-take it all in. In EY, Shabbos and Yom Tov are so different than in America.

    Hatzlacha Rabah!!!!


    An Open Letter to Seminary Girls: Etiquette in Geulah

    By Yeshiva Guy

    In a tradition dating back to the opening of the doors of the first seminary way back when in the fifties, the second week of Elul is host to an ingathering of exiles, so to speak. I refer to the yearly migration of those known colloquially as Sem Girls. Otherwise known as our holy seminary sisters. Yes, every year around this time they invade Geulah. They take Malchei Yisroel and transform it from the once sleepy Yerushlayimer shopping and food center it was into a yearlong virtual sleepover.

    -Wear Crocs in public. This is NOT cool, and does not fit in with the Bas Melech image your teachers will be attempting to teach you over the next year.

    -Buy leather-bound Tehillims/Siddurim for all of your cousins/aunts/uncles. That creativity thing? Again, demonstrate.

    So welcome to our town. Geulah is our turf. You can have Har Nof, Sortozkin, MInchas Yitzchak, Ramat Eshkol, and the other shchunos. But Geulah is our turf. We own it.

    So adios, and seeya back in America.

    Yeshiva Guy


    too funny misterhock! my advice- challenge your teachers as to why everything they teach is directly relevant to your life as a jewish mother/wife. You have 10 months. While rashi’s and other meforshim are nice, you need to prioritize. Don’t let them waste your 20+ grand on things that will leave you feeling unfulfilled when you get married and have kids cuz you don’t have time to learn gemara or chumash. Ask them to help you prepare for YOUR life, not your brother’s!


    Mr. Hock – too funny! I see your points from all the sem girls my friends have sent overseas. Oi, are they true.



    Dear Reb Hock (in chynick),

    Keep in mind that Eretz Yisroel Knuyah Biyisurim! And one day you might marry one of those sem girls that are invading your turf! :)LOL


    ramateshkolian – learnoing inside in seminary is of paramount importance as it gives us a tiny, tiny taste of what ameilus ba’torah is. that way, when we have three kids hanging off our skirts and another two screaming away, and our husbands walk in looking exhausted and wanting to eat, we don’t scream at them – WHAT’S WRONG WITH YOU, WHY CAN’T YOU HELP ME OUT A BIT????? I’VE BEEN TAKING CARE OF THE KIDS ALL DAY AND YOU’VE BEEN SITING WITH YOUR FEET UP – CAN’T YOU UNDERSTAND EXHAUSTION?????

    actually, when i was in seminary, there was a Malbi”m that i spent fifteen minutes on trying to understand it, and when i finally did, i commented to my friend how much i admire guys for sitting and learning all day when gemara is incomprably harder than a Malbi”m!!! that was a big ‘lightbulb moment’ for me with regards to appreciating learning Torah.


    ramateshkolian, i see what you are saying but 1)its nice to be able to say where you go an idea from and be able to prove it 2) what emoticon613 said about being able to get a grasp for amailus batorah and 3)This way when you have 20 min and pesach is around the corner, you can pick up a sefer and understand it. you want to be able to learn someting on your own and furthermore be able to help your children with it also.


    Find out if and what the tiyul dress code is so you can bring clothing to wear on tiyulim.

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