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    Nooo not looking for bjj bnos sarah or bnos chava cuz dont want academic or in town ppl

    Letakein Girl


    First of all, there’s a TOn of info on Bnos Sara, Bnos Chava, and BJJ specifically on a thread that was bumped a few days ago… I don’t remember what it’s called though. Maybe someone else can help out with that? I remember getting the following impressions of those sems from that thread:

    BJJ- extremely academic, very hard work, the Harvard of all sems. Yo hafta be really intelligent to get in there. Downside- everyone agrees that it is not a warm sem. It’s more for girls that want to teach a subject like Chumash or Navi in a high school than just a girl looking to go to sem to make friends for life and have a kesher with teachers. It’s a very big sem.

    Bnos Chava- the girls are usually very jappy (into designer clothes, snobby, cliquey…) but the staff is supposed to be very nice. This sem is also very hard when it comes to academics, but it’s not as bad as BJJ. I think it’s hard to be accepted to this sem. (Also to BJJ and Bnos Sara.)

    Bnos Sarah- it’s smaller, more individualized, very warm, nice girls, awesome teachers, also very hard n academics- less than BJJ but a lil more than Bnos Chava.

    You’re aiming very high in only applying to these sems! I don’t know you personally, but I would assume that a girl posting on the cr and going to college (as you mentioned in a diff thread) would NOT do well in these sems!! And that’s if you get accepted…

    The sems you’re looking into are for irks whose fathers are Maggidei Shiur or Rosh Yeshivas, ya know what I mean? They’re for yeshivish people…

    I would recommend looking into sems like Darchei Binah or Pninim. But I could be wrong about what type you are…


    I think we have too many seminary threads


    ok so how do i get the application forms


    soz mitvahgirl been quite busy lately b”H 🙂 where did u apply in the end?

Viewing 5 posts - 51 through 55 (of 55 total)
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