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    I cant believe a seminary would take someones money and not gurantee acceptance. if they did, I am not sure they would even obey a Din torah.


    nishtdayngesheft: My seminary’s payment plan was staggered so that 95% of the tuition was paid before seminary started. And they are considered very liberal when it comes to tuition. I don’t know what other seminaries do, but it is entirely conceivable that there are some that make you pay in full up-front.

    Also, the payment contract that my parents signed clearly stated which part of the total was a non-refundable deposit (it was credited toward the tuition). So even given your (extremely selective) tendency to judge in the most favorable light possible, such a lack of transparency on the part of the seminary administration can be nothing other than unacceptably negligent.

    Feif Un

    This is just another issue with the “Beis Yaakov” seminary system. It’s all about the money! How do I know this? I receive mailings all the time from schools all over the place. I’ve never heard of most of them, and I don’t know how they’ve heard of me. But I never received a fund raising letter from a Beis Yaakov seminary! I never heard of one having a Chinese Auction to raise money. They’re raking in cash from people here, claiming “We teach your children to be good Jews!”, while really they’re laughing all the way to the bank.

    A seminary like Neve Yerushalayim, which has multiple fund-raising events every year and relies on their alumni for support, is something which is praiseworthy. These Beis Yaakov seminaries are garbage. Don’t waste your time with them.


    higuys I’m soooooooo sorry that you have to go through this! This is not normal and I dont really know the situation besides for what you said but excuse me for saying this-the school is crazy!! TO reject a girl 3 days before going to sem and not giving back the money because they rejected you????? That’s not normal! I’m not sure if this is making you even more upset or not but i just want you to know that i’m behind you and i’m on your side and you should FOR SURE without a doubt contact a rav to bring this rav to beis din. Personally i wouldnt want to go to this sem because of what he did, that’s not good middos, but just to get your $ back! I’m really upset for you!!!


    If you don’t get into seminary, and therefore don’t learn every Ramban in Chumash, how will you ever be a good Jewish mother?!


    Mitzvahgirl- thanks!!!!! Really appreciated!!!!!!!!- even annonymously online!!!


    my seminary year wasnt all it was cracked out to be, make sure you have a support system, and keep your mental health in check, it might make sense to see a therapist once a week until this gets straightened out. ti is very seminary like, you can also be much more independent.


    Feif Un, outrageous seminary tuition is not unique to Bais Yaakov seminaries. In fact, the Modern Orthodox seminaries charge more than the Bais Yaakov seminaries do. Neve is in a category of its own because it’s aimed at non-frum Jews. You can’t use it as a comparison point.


    I never went to seminary, and I turned out perfectly insane. But I think that had more to do with the Bais Yaakovs I went to. Moral of my story…not sure yet.


    higuys, my daughter had the same story. She was “disinvited” a week before she was supposed to leave. We had only paid the deposit, but the school was refusing to refund it. My husband took him to a din torah, and we got every single penny back. I’m sure a din torah would help you! Good luck with getting in to a seminary, and I hope you have a super year!


    i dont know the halachos of a seminary chucking a girl theyve already accepted, but keeping the money is pure gezeilah. i would go for dun adam dinah linafshei and clear out the building and then firebomb it.


    Don’t believe me but I nearly cried when I read this!!! I feel for u and I’m SO SO SO sorry!!!! Please please please consider Gateshead new sem!!!! Please at least look into it even if u r not interested in a sem in England I can give u tons and tons of information if u just ask so please do and the best of luck!!


    How are things going, higuys?


    hiii….well nothing! I didn’t go to sem! and the principal of the sem wont hear of giving the money back, he said should take him to beis din, he doesn’t care cos he’ll win.


    That’s not right. Just go wipe the smirk off his face, please.


    ur story is like hearbreaking but I just wanna tell u get a good therapist or s/t but don’t it bring down ur neshama aka ruchnias just bec some pep aren’t good reflections of judusim doesn’t mean u should go down this is a huge nison from hasem and ovisley hasem things ur big enough too pass it (if u fail I woln’t blame u)but just no that if u pass this test then anything u would have gained spirtlay there is gonna a 10000000000000000000000 greater here I bless that that u should pass this test & let this test help u b the person u can b u should get married at the right time to s/o who matches ur unbleivabness and also have children who reflect u if u ur pain should help the gelah come quicly and so the’ll be no more sadness

    Next time please write in English not text.

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