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    Hi! Long story short, I had to leave the seminary I started off the year at in order to get a partial refund. The hashkafa was chilled, although not exactly a bais yaakov, but my problem is that the scene was very uncomfortable due to inappropriate stuff that was going on. I am looking for a seminary to switch to that is similar to ateres, but I don’t really know which ones to look into. Just to make things a bit more complicated, I need to use a laptop to take notes to compensate for a motot skill deficiency and I use digital recorder to record my classes so that I can transfer the shiurim onto an iPod- which does not have internet capability on it, in order to listen to it. Someone brought up that I might need to put a permanent filter on my laptop, but my budget won’t allow me to replace this laptop when i go back home so someone is trying to find me an old laptop to send me to put a filter on it. Any suggestions?




    perhaps you might consider not going to seminary at all. it is not necessary you know. you can be a very good wife and mother without going to seminary.


    I am not really digging the idea, to make it even more complicated, I am a baal teshuva, and even though my mom isn’t religious, she has a Torah mate through oorah and she refuses to let me give up… I am already in E”Y. I don’t think a learning difference should be the deciding factor. I graduated from one of the bais yaakovs in my community.


    Chassidish: I understand what you are saying, even though I am 19, I still worked really hard to get here. I had to raise around $25,000 and it would be a bit devastating for me to return home at this point. Especially, since I actually raised that much money…


    There’s Neve for baale teshuvah, but it’s not a Bais Yaakov atmosphere. Maybe Pnimim? I don’t really know what you’re looking for (Bais Yaakov or non-Bais Yaakov) so I’m not sure how to advise you. I recommend getting in touch with a Rav and asking him for help. If you’re looking for a seminary like Ateres, why not consider Ateres itself? If you have a specific reason that you don’t want to go to Ateres, mentioning it would help people figure out what would be better for you instead. (And btw-I know a baalas teshuvah who was in Ateres last year who really liked it.)


    i was rejected by ateres, i have a lot of people trying to help me, but after five weeks of working on it, i am not in a seminary right now. My friend at pninim said that they have the same problems as the original seminary i was at. I am looking for a bais yaakov, the only thing is that there is a chance that schools will reject me because i have a laptop even though it is only used to compensate for a learning difference, some people told me to get an alpha smart, but my thing is that a laptop allows me to see more than three lines and when they write on a piece of paper they see a whole page, so why should i not be granted a similar opportunity, plus alpha smarts require computers to work anyway… I know a baalas yeshiva who is at ateres this year as well… btw, i want to go to ateres, but this was beyond my control.




    Personally, its is very exhausting to be calling and visiting schools all the time. I thought that I wasn’t going to be able to visit or speak with any schools for the past week and the next week and a half because I thought that they would all be in America, but it turned out that I did not get this break, so I feel like i am starting to go into seminary interviews exhausted, but my posse keeps on harassing me every time I tell them I want to give up, so I just keep on charging at the situation, but only because I WANT TO BE IN A SEMINARY, not because they are harassing me.


    Maybe try Seminar/Meohr/Machon Raaya/Bnos Chana.

    I’d say that Seminar is the most similar to Ateres although I could be wrong.


    Sounds like a good idea to me! I was thinking of machon raaya, rabbi belsky said he would call bnos chana for me, I think meohr might be to academic though… just a thought. Also, I don’t think seminar would let me in because there are 130 girls this year which is over capacity. Do you know what the academics are like at meohr, I know that Machon Raaya girls get a lot of home work, one of my teachers from seminary a teaches at bnos chana.


    Does anyone have any phone numbers for Meohr?


    Also, can anyone please tell me about bnos chana?


    ooh mee too on bnos chana


    From what I know, Bnos Chana is a Bais Yaakov seminary for girls who are seriously BY girls but want a less tense atmosphere when it comes to academics.


    How abou t bjj


    Snowbunny, have you found a seminary yet?


    Darchei Binah. open minded and beis yaakov directio withoit being an official by sem.


    So, I did end up finding a seminary, Baruch Hashem. Bnos chana told me not to apply the day after they told me to apply… anyway, I ended up deciding to take a friend’s advice and do a mix of two programs, Darkaynu and Brovenders, the growth I have had in these programs has been very different than from a Bais Yaakov seminary’s type of growth, instead of hashkafic growth, I have been able to grow in other middos of compassion, patience, and tolerance. The issues with all the other seminaries that rejected me is that they wrongly labeled me as having special needs because although my learning differences are relatively mild, the fact that I need to use a laptop to compensate is very controversial in the frum community… anyway, the nice thing about Darkaynu/ Brovenders is that I get to take advantage of the academic classes at Brovenders, while not having to worry about taking tests as a form of assessment (there are not tests here!), yet, I still get to interact with a some more by type staff at Darkaynu, and I have time built into my schedule where I get to relax from the academics and intensity of my schedule by doing things such as swimming on monday nights with Darkaynu. By the way, I got a vibe from the director earlier this morning that she is looking for more chilled by girls who are a bit more mainstream- like me, who can benefit from the combination of Darkaynu and Brovenders!

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