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    Why is this necessary?


    To prevent mixed dancing.


    According to many rabbis, it isn’t.


    Because people want it. No other reason.

    The Wolf


    It isn’t. What’s next, two separate wombs when a mother is carrying twins, a boy and a girl?


    I met my best friend when I was three, so there is no reason you can’t meet your spouse at that age.

    Also, Rivka got married when she was three.



    The age of Rivkah’s marriage is a machloket between different manuscripts of Seder Olam Rabbah, many of which say she was married as a young teenager.


    to improve their shidduchim resumes. You never know what parents will be investigating in 15 years.


    Charlie: I know, we discussed it about a month ago.


    long ago we were in mixed classes till 3rd grade. (religious school). I feel it very not necessary for pre-school, but the kids of today live a very different life than we did. yes, even at that age. schools need to show they are giving “better” chinuch. its a rat race out there.


    This is quite pathetic really… children at that age do not really know the difference between genders all that much. What, they are about 2 or 3 years old? An excellent teacher I know actually likes the mixed classes because it calms down the wild boys and helps with the overall atmosphere in the class…

    This seems to be a part of the “chumra of the week” club that so many people are members of. We always seem to add on chumras when we can’t even get the basics down! I am not talking about gedarim to make sure you don’t break halacha- it’ when we have gedarim on our gedarim that were put in place so that we don’t violate the gedarim that were made for our gedarim to make sure we don’t violate halacha that kind of confuse me.


    what age pre-school are you referring to? 2 and 3-year olds, there really is no reason. but beyond that, they start to make meaningful friendships. can you not imagine a four-year-old having a best friend (a boy in her preschool) who perhaps also lives down the block… now because they live so close they meet in the part, etc, they remain good buddies… what do you say at 5, 6, 7 years old? sorry, meidele, this friendship really has to stop?! I’m talking from experience, I have a niece in exactly this situation. A neighbor who was in the same pre-school, and now her mother does not know how to separate them (and they are getting older…)


    I remember when my sister was little her best friend was a boy who lived next door. When they both were six, his mother decided they cant be friends anymore. It was so hard for them so they used to hide from his mother and play together. On purim they even managed to give each other shaloch monos!


    I know someone who was in the same preschool as his wife…cute, huh?


    I used to say wanted to go back and find out who was the Shabbos Ima when I was Shabbos Abba, and marry her.

    If everyone would marry people from their preschool class, it would solve the age gap problem.


    Arranged marriages in pre-school? That would solve the shidduch crisis too.

    I honestly wonder how we let brothers and sisters live in the same house. It can spiral down to the girl meeting her brothers friend accidentally for a moment and…a marriage may occur.


    And why do girls in preschool need to have a dress code that includes *only tights*, but no socks.


    Sock has the gematria of Soton.

    Is the soton ok for 3 year olds? At what age do we not like the soton anymore?

    doodle jump

    Popa: I think you just solved the shiduch crisis.

    There is absolutely no reason for preschoolers to be in separate classes. Pre 1 A ( 5 year olds are to have separate classes).

    The kids play nicely and interact with each other beautifully. It balances the classroom.

    Sister Bear

    Cuz they might become friends with the opposite gender *gasp* and then when they are teenagers might meet and…

    (actually happened to my sister. We were at a bar mitzva meal once and don’t ask why the put a family of girls next to the bar mitzva boys friends, but they did and one of my sisters and one of the boys were best friends in school. WOW were they embarrassed!!!)

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