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    For the past 8 months we have been trying to get my son into a yeshiva gedola. We live in Israel and at age 17 this is how the system is. So my son happens to be a masmid who gives shiurim in our local shul organises the bein hazmanim learning program and has written sefarim. However since we are SEPHARDI (even though he has only gone to Ashkenazi yeshuvas and davens in aAshkenazi shuls we have been told that since hes not a ilui he will not be taken. Aftwr having askanim involved we were basically informed by some of tge nicer rosh yeshivas that a hefty donation was necessary since they only take rich sefardim or by the less nicer ones that we had no chance since they had taken enough SEPHARDI boys (3% the quota) now whilst I can understand why some places may not want to have SEPHARDI boys that go by their rabbanim and dont really fit in culturally , how can they reject a boy who has only been brought up in the Ashkenazi system and relates better to the askenazi gedolim and derech of learning. Alot of these yeshivas im talking about actually have plaques up from sephardi donors. However they clearly discriminate. One rosh yeshiva actually said enough witg these sefardim I have had enough with them. Sefardim who donate large amounts should try and see where there money is really going and try and help us regular sephardim.


    Eli Y

    Oy–u are dangerously close to Lashon Hara. I would ask how do they know you are Sephardic? Are you making a point to differentiate yourself?

    If you do indeed feel the need to publicize your Sephardi heritage, why not go to a Sephardi school?



    if the Rambam were to walk
    down any Yeshiva isle we
    would kiss the floor he walked
    on hiw dare we ashkanazi be



    if the Ramban was to walk
    down the isle of any Yeshiva
    we ashkanazim would kiss
    the ground he walked on



    Many Ashkenazi boys also have their application to join a better Ashkenazi yeshiva declined. It’s easy to assume the worst reasons for the declination but the reasons are generally legitimate. Like they’re already full or that they received more applications from top bochorim than they have slots available.



    LH: And what if Rashi were to walk down any Yeshiva isle? Sephardim would kiss the floor he walked on too.


    Avi K

    Eli, in the Chareidi sector if a person’s name is Azulai, Vaknin or something else obviously not Ashkenazi he is almost certainly Sephardi or Yemenite. Discrimination against Sephardim in Chareidi schools in well-known and the reason why Rav Ovadia started El haMaayan.



    It’s a serious problem and a reality. Im sephardic in a similar situation and my ashkenazi rav recommended that I move my family to America for this very reason. Glad I listened.


    Shopping613 🌠

    Unfortunately the discrimination is real.
    It’s disgusting.
    I know a friend who was the top girl in my class in high school; in grades, in yiddishkeit, in middos. An amazing girl I was friends with who surrounded herself with other yirei shamayim girls. Every single one of her friends was accepted to the same seminary, she wasn’t even offered an interview based on her sefardi last name.

    Honestly, why would you WANT your child to go somewhere he isn’t wanted?
    Find a school that cares about him, appreciates him, and respects him.



    I’m wondering why so many Sefardim go to Ashkenazic yeshivos while so few Ashkenazim go to Sefardic yeshivos.

    Why do they choose as such?



    The ashkenazi yeshiva system has been around longer and is more established and there are more options. 50 years ago, there were almost no sephardic yeshiva bochurim at all. Things are definitely changing, yes. The sephardic mosdos are catching up quickly and I heard from both Rav Yitzchak Yosef and Rav Kahaneman from ponevezh that there are currently more sephardic yeshiva bochurim in yeshivos ketanos in Eretz yisrael than there are ashkenazi yeshiva bochurim. But,it’s still less likely for an ashkenazi bochur to go to a sephardic yeshiva because the ashkenazi yeshivos got a head start.


    Yabia Omer

    I don’t blame Ashkenazim. I blame Sephardim. Why? Because no one ever stopped them from creating their own network of prestigious yeshivot. The other issue is BRANDING. Ashkenazim have done a phenomenal job at branding themselves as the “legitimate” way to be frum, and as being the True Torah Learners. Therefore, people look up to that as the ideal, even some Sephardim. Had the Sephardim realized how rich and legitimate their heritage was, perhaps there wouldn’t have this issue .

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