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    hello99: ‘The obligation to love a ger only begins after they convert’

    thats because before they convert they aren’t a ger yet!


    Interesting. I pray from a Syrian Yom Kippur mahzor “Shalom Yerushalayim” and on page 373 in the Viduy HaGadol it states “Ashamnu Lo Ahavnu Et HaGer”


    I know this is old and probably no one looks at it but syrian communities and wherever their money goes that they try to put their takana in place they really push the converts away. I know a ger that is an avrech Kollel and they don’t even accept his children in their school. Even though his wife converted many years ago with him. Even though children were born after conversion so children are not converts but full born Jews. So no, they don’t get accepted even if converted by a haredi Beit din.


    Many groups Sephardim, Yemenites and Ashkenazim are very careful with gerim because today in the World are many Rabbanim that don’t do the giur al pi Halacha so there is a safek. Unfortunately these Rabbanim that do the giur not okay, gave bad image about all gerim.

Viewing 4 posts - 51 through 54 (of 54 total)
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