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    ohr chodesh

    Who needs a “giyur lchumra”?

    Nissim Shaul

    so i am a syrian and my step grandmother is a convert so this ban on conversions is a hot subject in my family. i just want to say i respect converts so much as they’re an inspiration for all. but rebdoniel, you consider yourself zionistic…one definition of zionism is “The national movement for the return of the Jewish people to their homeland and the resumption of Jewish sovereignty in the Land of Israel” from how can you consider yourself a zionist if you don’t want to move back there? how are you supporting a return to the land?


    mdd, Ir, and chuckie- if I remember my historia correctly I believe that there was another reason that dated a little further back to when times in syria were really good for the jews and people began “converting” just to be a “jew” by name- they therefore decided- it wasn’t anything major or strictly enforced- that converts should not be accepted- because the reason for their conversion may not be correct. and yes it also has to do with when they can to america- then it became more of a takanah and minhag that was held almost throughout the syrian community.- I learned this in high school- and the topic came up again in seminary once or twice in class- and I’m pretty sure this is what my teacher said- but I might be wrong


    Why is the RCA off limits to you?


    “My mother had a Reform conversion undertaken to marry my father, which is mhy I had to undergo giyur.”

    Forgive me, but I still don’t understand…

    1) Reform conversions have no halachic bearing

    2) If her maternal grandmother was proven to have been Jewish by the picture you mentioned, she’s Jewish- you’re Jewish. Period.

    PBA – “you shall not oppress the stranger, for you were once strangers in the land of Egypt.”

    Feif Un

    PBA: Because they don’t accept conversions by Rabbi Angel. Rebdoniel, instead of trying to find a Beis Din that will accept it, why not go through the proper channels? Jumping from beis din to beis din is not the proper way to do things.

    Contact the RCA and explain your situation to them. I’m sure they’ll be more than happy to help you out. And if you have to go dip in the mikvah one more time, so what? Many people do it every day!


    PBA – “you shall not oppress the stranger, for you were once strangers in the land of Egypt.”

    I read that as an instruction on how to treat strangers, including converts. I’m not aware that anyone reads it as an obligation to convert people.

    Feif: yes, I thought we were talking about the possibility of doing a valid geirus with the RCA. We’re on the same page now.


    I thought the Syrian community only accepted sincere converts for whom marriage/a relationship was not a motivating factor. According to the Wikipedia article on Syrian Jews:

    Based on these standards a goodly number of converts have been accepted into the community. Genetic characteristics play no role whatsoever.


    Moshe Shamah Rabbi, Sephardic Synagogue 511 Ave. R

    Brooklyn, NY 11223″

    Rebdoniel, how have things worked out for you?

Viewing 8 posts - 51 through 58 (of 58 total)
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