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    Does anyone PERSONALLY know of someone that recently died of Covid?
    If yes, did the person have pre-existing conditions?

    I don’t know of anyone therefore it’s really hard for me to think of masks, vaccines etc.

    Like the news says people are dying but as they say “you gotta see it to believe it”


    Yes. Some did, and some didn’t.



    One example that comes to mind was a friend of the family. True the person was elderly, but he was otherwise healthy. It was COVID that killed him.

    The Wolf


    amom, in many cases of elderly, this is something that adds up to “pre-existing conditions”, especially in a moment of crisis when the person is in a nursing home or other similar condition. It is hard to tell a posteriori whether people would have survived otherwise or not. But given sudden bursts of levayas at the time it happens, it is clear that many of those deaths are untimely.

    I don’t know to what degree things are predictable. I know several middle aged, medium unhealthy, people who had one case that was mild and next year second – very hard and even ICU.


    Don’t know if this counts for personally but Rav Lipa Margulis died of Corona two weeks ago but he was also in his late nineties and had many other complications

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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