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    I broke my jaw and it’s wired shut. As a result, I can consume only liquids. I can manage on weekdays with lots of smoothies based on dairy foods. Any suggestions for Shabbos? I’d really like to have fleishigs, and maybe even fish.

    🐵 ⌨ Gamanit

    Can you eat baby jars? Maybe spice some up and they’d taste fine.


    Refuah Shelemah.

    Dont worry about eating “Shabbosdick Foods” , Worry about getting better first


    yep maybe you can eat smashed food?!

    🍫Syag Lchochma

    meat loaf? it can be pretty crumbly. gefilte fish, too. how much space do you have?

    Most importantly, refuah Shlaima!!


    refuah shalema.. i dont know of any liquid fleishig dishes but i would go for some nice compote or a nice cup of jello. perhaps some mashed potatoes on thin side

    ☕ DaasYochid ☕

    Chicken soup.

    Put lots of water in the cholent, and have that “soup”. Some people like it that way anyhow.

    As for fish, maybe a fish chowder?

    Hatzlocha and refuah sheleimah.


    smash whatever you want to eat:)


    Gamanit i hardly think consuming glass jars will help matters any.


    But the contents are edible.


    My first Shabbos with a wired jaw was a mixed bag. My rav told me to have two r’viisin of wine or grape juice to be kovea seudah. I had squash soup (kabocha, which is better than butternut) and applesauce. We kept the soup on the blech, so this was my mainstay for all three meals. Next week, I’ll blend in some silken tofu to add protein. I tried to have the liquid part of the cholent but of course I couldn’t strain it on Shabbos, so bits kept getting caught in my teeth. The worst part was not being able to use lip balm.

    Little Froggie

    Brochos from a Little Froggie

    Get Well Fast!! ????? ????.

    Smile.. Oops – I forgot you can’t. Oy!!! We’re having you in mind!

    ????? ??????



    The second Shabbos went better. We had two kinds of soup: the aforementioned squash soup with silken tofu blended in, and a sort of cholent-y soup made of beans, blended and strained. Everything was pareve, so I could supplement it with yogurt diluted with milk.


    Hope you’re back to good times by next Shabbos. In case not, with regard to what you felt was the worst- not using lip balm-

    Ask your Rav if you’re allowed to put some plain olive oil on your lips. If it’s muttar for you to do so, try it on a random weekday. You may find it offers a little relief.

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