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    Here in London, the local newspapers (Jewish Tribune and Hamodia) advertise that all the various local Rabbonim will be giving their Shabbos Hagodol Droshas.

    Every year I am puzzled that none of them appear to be anything to do with Hilchos Pesach, but more an event designed to showcase the Rov’s Koach Hapilpul – they all give Talmudic shiurim (on ‘Inyonim’/sugyos) with very little Halacha Lemaaseh.

    Personally, I attend mine only out of Kovod to my Rav, but chalk it off mentally as a waste of 1 hour before Pesach, when my time could be far better used learning Hilchos Pesach or preparing Divrei Torah for the Seder.

    Was it always the case that the Rabonim spoke in this manner? I was under the impression that they were supposed to be giving over Halocha?


    In many of the shuls I have been to, they divide the lecture into two parts, where the first half is pilpul and the second half is halacha l’maisah.


    Shabbos Hagadol Drashos for women depend on the speaker. If it’s a Dayan it will be about halacha. If it’s a Rebbetzin it will be hashkafa.


    here in montreal my rav speaks on an inyan for about 25 min, and 20 min on halachos and preperations for paysach, topped off by a nice dvar torah

    🐵 ⌨ Gamanit

    In our shul it’s always halacha l’maysah. The rav reminds us to throw out the vaccuum cleaner bags, etc.


    Tzaddiq, your Rov still speaks on an Inyan, albeit for 25 mins. My Kashya still stands.

    Gamanit – what, for an hour? Must be an expert in vacuum bags!


    Leyzer: You have to think of the Rav too. I have only been giving Halachah classes before Yamim Tovim and Inyana D’yoma, but already it gets tedious and tough to say the same thing over and over again. He has to keep himself sharp and motivated all year round too. And, personally, nothing motivates me more than sharing a Chiddush or Kasha with those who like listening to me for P’sak, even if they aren’t necessarily on a level to entirely follow what I’m saying.

    old man

    It is traditional for a shul Rav to “show off” his pilpul/lumdus virtuosity at the drasha.


    some have ansered this obvious question -and this answer may not serve for us now-

    that since we review all the basic halachos in the yotzer we no no longer need to do so at the drash so the rav says some nice lomdus instead.

    however the yotzer:

    a) is not understood by everyone.

    b) was written by a rishon but some of the halachos are not what we (especially ashkenazim but even sefardim) follow.

    and last but most important, we need to hear halachos that apply to modern life like yes, vacuum cleaner bags. That is why many rabbonim now DO discuss halacha l’maasa.


    Is a drasha focused on halakha le ma’aseh intended for those who do not participate in the various aspects of “shoalin ve dorshin”?

    Rav Tuv

    I dont really think asking a kasha on a shverrer Rambam and suggesting lumdishe terutzim is considered pilpul. And Im sure there is halacha l’maaseh there unless the rabbi darshens about the korban Pesach.


    Leyzer:- I was under the impression that they were supposed to be giving over Halocha?

    Thou art One Thousand % correct in your assertion, and even Shabbos Shuvo Sermon is supposed to include some Hilchos Yom Kippur & Hilchos Sukko, in addition to being about repentance.

    Once the Rabbi has covered his minimum obligations towards disseminating Halocho, he can follow fashion & do whatever he [or his Board of officers expects] wishes, and most Rabbis want these 2 Shabboss sermons [Shuvo & haGodol} to be different in format from a regular speech.


    Some hold that on Shabbos teshuvah you should not say any mussar, because we don’t want to say bad things about yidden in those days, so they say the mussar by the shabbos hagadol drasha

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