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    Do you like it better when Shabbos starts and ends early, or when it starts and ends late?



    with little kids, late is hard work at both ends.


    I like it when Shabbos starts early. I love that cosy warm feeling of Shabbat winter nights. Having hot soup (don’t make soup in the summer) there is more time to spend around the table. Love it.


    but how do you have time to prepare everything, assuming that you go to work on erev Shabbos?


    LOVE IT, LOVE IT, LOVE IT! I am ready for Shabbos by Thursday anyhow, and it gives me a whole evening to relax and unwind. Much better for me than Shabbos in the summer time. When the days are long, I cannot relax, because my neighbors’ kids are all outside playing and being what kids usually are meant to be, loud and noisy. On Friday nights at this time of year, however, all is calm and quiet. AAAAAHHHHHHHHH!


    Mik5 , Cook everything Thursday night. Find receipes that are easy to make. Buy baked good instead of making from scratch.


    we start thurs afternoon. challah, shabbos table, chicken soup….

    but long friday nights ROCK b/c i can sleep a bagel!


    I don’t work so on fridays I cook and clean in the mornings. When everyone comes home, we eat lunch and get ready taking showers…


    I love early shabbosim. The kids are up for the Friday night meal, and I still have a long quite night after the seuda.

    Mik5 – prepare everything Thursday night.


    I prefer early.


    Starting early is good but i want shabbos to end later. i don’t like it that shabbos is over at like 5:30



    Guess what, there’s an inyan of Tosfos Shabbos adding on to Shabbos by having a long shalosh seudos and ending Shabbos late. (Chassidim do this but there are also some Yeshiva that end Shabbos at 72 also)

    So in reality its up to you when to end Shabbos. Maybe ask your husband/parents if they can Bli Seder start ending Shabbos later. Shabbos is beautiful and its nice to see that there are some people who appreciate it and want more Shabbos as opposed to trying to Daven as early as possible…

Viewing 12 posts - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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