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    Hello all I am currently living in Israel (my family moved here) but I am having a hard time finding a shidduch (I only would date girls that would speak English).
    can someone help me find shadchanim in America to contact
    I am 27 studying computer science but I was in the Mir for quite some time.
    Thank you so much


    I don’t get it. You want to date American girls while living in Israel? Or you want to date American girls who live in Israel? There are plenty of good shadchanim in Israel who help Anglos. Why deal with time zone issues?


    Contact American shadchanim in Israel through the Mir. Rav Elefant knows many. Chanoch Teller used to do shadchanus also. The best shidduch is through friends anyways.


    A large percentage of girls graduating high school girls in EY speak both ivrit and and English so you shouldn’t have any difficulty finding a frum girl (if that’s what you want) who is bilingual . If you intend to move back to the U.S. soon, than hold off on your dating until you move since its a bit expensive to hop on El Al to share a drink with a prospective beschert. Finally, there are several thousand frum girls from the U.S. attending seminary in EY who are English speakers.


    Gadol- I am not sure if you are referring to girls from anglo homes who are bilingual, or the typical Israeli girls who learn English in school. I don’t think the latter feel comfortable actually using the language, it’s not enough immersion to actually be bilingual, in contrast to secular Israelis whose classroom English is reinforced by movies and TV in English, so that they can speak English relatively well. But there are plenty of the former, and I find that many kids from families that were olim tend to marry other olim or kids of olim, and not native Israelis. There are also many single girls who stay in E”Y after seminary, or come back after college, and want to live in E”Y. I would imagine that group would be a good place for the OP to focus on. The several thousands of 18-19 yr old girls who are studying in seminaries would not be the right place for the OP to look- they usually do not start dating until they go back to the US, and I doubt most would be eager to date someone 8-9 yrs older, although it can happen.


    Would u consider a baalas teshuva? I know many baalei teshiva in sem in EY mid 20’s


    Winnie, Chareidi Israeli native girls learn English in Beis Yaakovs?


    Do you want to live in Israel or America.
    If you want Israel there many shadchanim who deal with american girls who are culturally very american even if they live in israel.
    You can email me your resume or i can connect you with these shadchanim


    Yes Joseph- the Bais Yaakovs that are part of the chinuch atzmai system under misrad hachinuch teach English – starting from 3rd grade I think. I know BY girls who have studied English and I know women who have taught it, and seminaries that have programs to train English teachers. It’s pretty basic though, and unless the girl is in a “dovrei Anglit” class, they don’t come out actually speaking English.
    I have no idea what they do in the unrecognized BY schools.


    a regular israeli BY girl will not be interested in an american bochur anyway
    the personality types are TOTALLY different
    so don’t even bother going there


    savta123 how do i email you?


    I honestly have no idea why I thought i was going to get a straight answer

    Shopping613 🌠

    Do you want to live in America or Israel?
    If you want to live in Israel than there’s plenty of american israeli girls in shidduchim who know english and hebrew, many of which have stronger english than hebrew. I am one of those.

    However if you plan on living in Israel you have to adapt to the country on some degree.
    There’s many shadchanim in anglo areas of Jerusalem and Ramat Beit Shemesh.


    Any chance you know single male ba’al teshuvas in EY too?

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