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    Would anyone please post names of shadchans that work with frum with it individuals, yeshiva type people but not greasy yeshivish? I know there was once a thread with names but many of those do not work as shadchans anymore. I would like people that are presently working as a shadchan.

    Thank you.


    i dont think many shadchanim working w yeshivish ppl ask if the single is ‘with-it’ or ‘greasy’ and then turn half away. Cmon. Shadchanim work with ranges of singles and then try to match up appropriate pairs and types.


    Try syas, you can make a free profile and if you may be a match for one of their members you only pay if you want to say yes.

    simchalink in Chicago.

    Ffb and bt can join oorah rebbitzin database.


    You can also create free online profiles on harei at but even with premium privileges that didnt get me anywhere. But I have to warn you, there is a guy who is making a number of online dating profiles and i spoke to him and he has a lot of red flags and even with the online profiles he has made since then, he lies about things like his education. He is trying to woo in a chilled hashkafa girl who wants a mir bochur and is vulnerable so be careful. If you google ny shadchanin you can find a few dated lists but some are still active.


    Lisa Elefant is a well known matchmaker in Brooklyn. She made many shidduchim and she has all types of boys, she has many yeshivish working boys.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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