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    In every jewish town, theres a tradition to give all the rebbeim, teachers and principles shaloch manos. Naturally this causes heavy traffic as usually they live spread out and parents have a long list of them to go to.

    Why dont the schools have for a couple of hours on purim all if the rebbeim and teachers in the school itself and then parents can knock off a huge chunk of shaloch manos in one – three locations. Put loud music on. Decorate the school and since there will be alot of people there at the same time, it would be very lively.



    Maybe the schools should request that students exchange Mishloach Manos with their teachers only after Purim, since everyone is yotzeh with other ones anyway.



    You are right – Whitecar
    Yeshiva Yagdil Torah in Boro Park has been doing that for the past few years and it works out beautifully for the parents, the kids, and the Rabbeim,
    And it IS very lively and lebedig
    And it is appreciated



    Every Purim my boys’ school gives out a list of Rebbeim and their addresses and when it’s a good time to come. Most don’t live nearby, and they (conveniently) list that they will not be home on Purim and those who want can bring to school the day before. The principal has a couple of hours at night after Megilla, so the older boys go then.
    Don’t forget that the teachers/Rebbes also have families and places to go on Purim.


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    Ry23 has an idea

    Additionally in our school the school can give mishloach manos for you for 5 dollars a person (there is a max to the amount if you want to give to the whole school faculty)



    First, it would be a big mistake to give out the home address of any school personnel (even though many can be found on the internet). It would make sense to make arrangements to either give at the school or for the school to deliver to the teachers.

    Second, the BEST mishloach manos for most Yeshiva personnel would be for parents to pay tuition in full and on -time so the yeshiva in turn, can pay a living wage.



    Gadolhadorah, do you think that the best shofar for a CEO is that the company should do well so it can pay its employees rather than going bankrupt? Do you think the best matzoh for a local grocery store owner is for all the customers to pay their full grocery bill on time so that he can pay his employees?


    Your kids need to do shlach monos. They want to give their Rebbe the monos. Therefore, the Rebbe must cater to their needs and desires. Makes sense. After all he is a public servant. He should attend the yeshiva on Purim and sit there with all the other educational servants awaiting the appearance of the gift bearers. He will graciously thank each one for the zazas, laffy taffy and bissli – telling each one how thoughtful it was of them to give him nash. If it is a terrible imposition on the Rebbe (and his family) – well, that`s mesirus nefesh, dedication!

    I wrote in another thread re: bikkor cholim, that the choleh is the cheftza shel mitzvah, and like the lulov he can be shaken up when rsting, to enable the visitor to do his mitzvah. The Rebbe too is required to complete the mitzva of shlach monos, so shake him like a lulov, bang him like an aravah, because your child need to do the mitzvah of shlach monos to the Rebbe!

    Although the Rebbe appreciates some items in the shlach monos – liquoréwine, chocolate etc. and the well wishes behind the gifts, I think most Rebbes, given the choice between raisins and a juice box or money, would be MUCH happier to get a check as Maos Purim, mailed to them in advance of Purim.

    Smarten up, people. Treat the Rebbe no worse tha you would want to be treated. Would you want to be in your office on Purim so that all employees or co-workers will be able to give you shlach monos (without the inconvenience of running around to your home)É!

    So here is a progressive idea– why impose on everyone to run around the neighborhood causing traffic jams etc. Lets make a TAKANA (yep, I LOVE TAKONAS to solve all of lifes troubles): Mishloach Monos MUST only be given in shul, immediately after megilah!

    This is genious! No traffic, triple parking, ringing bells with no one home,…this Moray V`Rabbosei and Rebbitzens is a brilliant TAKANA..

    You might ask, what if the recepient davens in another shul? Good kasha! We solve it with takana #2 – all must daven in the same shul.

    I think this will also help solve the shidduch crisis , and maybe also the tuition crisis, and maybe even bring the Geula…as long as everyone wears white shirts and speaks Yinglish.



    Rebbitzen, that is a very good point. It should be forbidden for Rebbes to get the flu shot, so that they should not rob their students of the opportunity to do the mitzvah of bikur cholim.


    R’ Yid, In Ailu Dvorim, right after bikur cholim which makes a yid into a cheftza shel mitzvah, comes hachnosas kallah which is the solution to the shidduch crisis!, followed by halvayas haMes – chesed shel emes…so the outcome of missing the flue shot, is not just bikur cholim but could also give the students tremendous opportunity to do a chesed shel emes.



    Are you saying that the flu shot should not be given to older singles?


    Someone’s gotta be the cheftza shel mitzva,but depends if they wear white shirts and the dialect of their Yinglish. Not everyone has the zchus to be mezakeh ess harabbim.



    Rebbetzin, lol rofl!


    In every jest there is a grain of truth. Rabbayim not getting paid on time makes them aniyim, and an oni is choshuv k’mess, so when schools don’t pay the rebbe, they give the students a chance to do chessed shel emess. Missing the flueshot for the anti vaxers is the same as overdosing on tangy taffy (purple flavored – zecher l’yayin, although not chamar medina, it has become ochel hamedina). But how does one say tangy taffy in yiddish – with an oy or an ay? TheGeulah is coming and soon Tishbi will answer all are kashas.



    Does giving a check stop someone from being able to give mishloach manos, and vice versa?



    By the way, backticks are different from apostrophes.


    ☕ DaasYochid ☕

    By the way, backticks are different from apostrophes.

    That`s a good point.



    Here in E”Y we give money to Rebbeim for Purim, not Chanuka. The Mishloach Manos the boys give their Rebbeim is just the excuse to include a check in a more b’kavodik way and make it a bit more personal. I am sure it comes in handy in the coming weeks for Pesach expenses.

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