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    We’re planning our honeymoon for this summer, and we want to include Switzerland. Can someone tell me where to go for 3 days?

    I was thinking of Davos or Arosa because of the hotels, but I don’t know if its the best place to go, especially because its our first time, and we really want a FABULOUS EXPERIENCE!!!!!!!!!!!!


    why is this a shalom bayis quesiton? go to zurich it has a frum community.


    with all due respect,

    my dear friend, your title is completely off. Your decision as to what your final destination for your honeymoon will be SHOULD HAVE zero(0), nothing, nada, to do with your SHALOM BAYIS. I hope this was just a simple mistake on your part, and that you didn’t really think it through when selecting a title for your new thread.


    Want a REALLY fabulous experience?

    Go to Eretz Yisrael. Even if you’ve been there before, spend those 3 days in a place you never really visited before (at least not in depth), like maybe the Golan Heights or the Galil. Even if you’ve been all over Eretz Yisrael 50 times, NO place compares to it.

    Why would you want to go to any of the increasingly anti-Semitic, yishmaeli-overrun countries in Europe when you have your own beautiful country to see.


    See the other topic, you opened two topics – please keep it to one?

    I just wrote a lengthy response for you there:


    Me and my wife also went there for our honeymoon by the way, skiing. Though for her it was 4-5 months after major surgery on her knee and ankle, so her skiing was a bit limited…


    Um, how is this a shalom bayis question?


    Interlaken, then you can do grindelwald


    never been to arosa but davos is BEAUTIFUL!!!!love Davos…went there with friends a few years ago in the winter was amazing!


    AinOhdMilvado:- What an incredibly smart piece of advice. I absolutely concur with you.

    Let them go next week, and they can spend Yom Yerusholayim & Shovu’os in Yerusholayim in the Jewish Quarter & pray at the Kossel.

    Then for the remainder of the summer, when it gets hot, go for 3 days to Tzfas, which cools off nicely in the evenings, even during August.

    This week’s Parsha of BeHar in Israel, is the source for giving business to a Jew rather than a Nochri, when not going to hurt oneself financially doing so. This Halocho certainly applies to vacationing in Israel rather than in Switzerland.


    Trying to figure out if you simply made this title so that more people would come read your post, or if youre really oblivious to what real sholom bayis issues are…


    livelovelaugh- and anyone else who was bothered by my title IT WAS A MISTAKE

    only intended to have honeymoon post…

    although if u help me plan a great honeymoon it will definitely improve my shalom bayis…

Viewing 12 posts - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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