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    Wishing a Shana Tova to all my friends!


    New Year’s is a Christian holiday.

    The Rama in Darchei Moshe Y.D. s. 148 in name of Terumat Hadeshen holds that even in our times, if a Jew wishes to give a present on the eighth day after Christmas which is called New Years, he should send the present during the day prior and not on the day of the holiday itself. And if the day before the holiday falls out on Shabbat, one may send on the day of the holiday, itself as there is a matter of eiva if one sends later than that or more before then.

    Reb Moshe in Iggerot Moshe Even Haezer 2:13 holds that although it is mutar m’ikar hadin, baalei nefesh should be machmir about celebrating this day.

    We, the citizens of the world of Torah and kedusha certainly must take the initiative of being baalei nefesh. After all, those who are not baalei nefesh are nebech soulless creatures, literally and figuratively.

    More so, to steal our time honored greeting of Rosh Hashana, and use that expression of “Shana Tova” – is insulting, since you are placing a tumahday on equal footing as a holiday.

    Boruch mamvil is said even bain kodesh l’chol, kal v’chomer, bein kedusha l’tumah.


    >> After all, those who are not baalei nefesh are nebech soulless creatures, literally and figuratively.

    Was that Rav Moshe’s definition of a baal nefesh?


    Shmendrick — We are careful not to use the appellation as noted in your response, but simply to refer to it as the late December/early January break, in order not to draw attention to those days. I am aware of the common use of “X” for the prefix of that holiday.

    greatest — There will be a Shana Tova coming up next Shabbos, Rosh Chodesh Shvat which the Mishna in Rosh HaShanna (1:1) says it’s the Rosh HaShanna for Ilanot, according to Beit Shammai. We hold according to Beit Hillel that it’s Tu B’Shvat (2 weeks after).


    left to write – if “ba’al nefesh” means someone with a soul, a person who is not a “ba’al nefesh” is a soul less creature. That is simple tagrum.

    That soul less creature may be a ba’al guf, or a ba’al ta’aveh or a MO but certainly not a “ba’al nefesh”.

    I would not wish on them the expression “may G-d have mercy on their souls” since it would be a bracha l’vatalah.

    ☕ DaasYochid ☕

    Straight from Hirhurim (also quoted on BeyondBT). You should have changed “Terumat Hadeshen” to “Terumas Hadeshen” and “Iggerot Moshe” to Igros Moshe if you wanted to pretend that this was coming from a BMG guy.


    The original poster “greatest” accomplished exactly what he/she wanted. Noone in the world says “shana tova” on New Years, but he/she did it just to get some pompous response from a guy (“shmendrick”) who just yesterday started some thread which claimed he is learning in a kollel long term, and can’t “support” a son-in-law, and was “wondering” if anyone knew anything about taking a chabad boy for a son-in-law since the “cherem hagra” against chassidus was no longer in affect.

    Do me a favor.

    What are you doing on a computer during second seder? And this morning during first seder? and yesterday, and the day before….

    Answer is you are not a kollel yungerman, but a pathetic TROLL – just like the original poster. In fact, they can very well both be you!


    Yenta, Shmendrick also started a thread asking for a “new chumra,” and referred to Lakewood as Ir HaKodesh. It seems like his whole purpose of being here is to pretend to be someone he’s not to make Yeshivish guys look bad (or ridiculous). All of his comments have something crazy or unbelievable in them. So the troll label seems to fit.

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