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    Joe Schmo

    Some people shave in the three weeks. I was wondering if anyone can please post the maar mekomos for that heter.

    Yasher Koach!



    SEE THE “SHEORIM HAMITZUYONIM BIHALOCHO” Hilchos bein hamitzorim, he brings down the chsam sofer,noda biyehuda and others that are of the opinion that only the issur of GILUACH is only “taspores harosh” and not “taspores hazokon”, since the latter is something done on a semi daily basis. He is not so lenient for shevua shecal bo, though. Look it up, and see for yourself, I am not a posek.


    Let me add: From rosh chodesh and on, is not so poshut. (Mekor from the gemorrah)


    not shaving during the 3 weeks is an Ashkenaz minhag

    the Halachah is actually to begin refraining from shaving during the week that TBA falls. the Sefardim conduct themselves like this and shave until that week.

    because it is a Minhag, there are certain leniencies. for example, if it will cause a significant loss of money.


    One source of the “Heter” might be:

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    3 words: ask your posek.


    joe schmo….simple. The Sefardim,led by the Mechaber never recognized the “three week period”. It is the Remo who introduced it as our custom and only we, the Ashkenazim are bound by it. Only the days from “shavua shechal bo’ (the week of Tisha be-av) and, in some instances, from Rosh Chodesh Av, is it “dine degemoro”. Hence, there are many kulos concerning shaving. Also, the “issur” of not shaving in the three weeks cannot be more “chomur’ (severe) that chol hamoed , which is really “dine degemoro”. You will find many kulos concerning shaving on chol hamoed. Lastly, “the three weeks” is akin to the sefirah and, again, there are many heterim for shaving during sefira.By the way, most of the kulos for shaving do not appy to having a haircut because you can easily pospone cutting your hair for a few weeks but not remaining unshaven (as zachw wrote) If you require chapter and verse, I’ll be happy to comply with the actual sources.


    Joe Schmo. Do you shave? If not, why are you asking? Do you believe that it is just a bunch of hefkeirus and people shave whther they are supposed to or not?

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