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    The Frumguy

    With all this rain in New York, does anyone else beside me think that someone in a Shayne Coat looks like a walking, human mushroom? I, for one, wouldn’t buy it.

    minyan gal

    Okay, I’ll bite. Whe the heck is a shayne coat?


    gal: A shayne coat is the best invention ever, and we wonder what took so blazes durn it long.

    It is a long black raincoat made of thin plastic, which has a large hood which is big enough to cover a streimel or fedora.


    Don’t own one, wouldn’t be caught wearing one, some things should be illegal.


    I’ve also never heard of this coat. Seems like a good idea, though, for people who wear hats.


    Whats not to love about Giant Black Telletubies walkin around town..

    Queen Bee

    “Whats not to love about Giant Black Telletubies walkin around town..”

    Getting assualted by little kids demanding autographs?


    With all the men wearing those Shayne coats in the neighborhood, I feel like I’m back in the middle ages and the monks are walking to their monasteries.

    minyan gal

    While they may be very practical, the description doesn’t sound very glamourous. Somehow, I don’t believe I have ever seen a gentleman wearing a shayne coat on the cover of GQ.


    Lol Frumguy, just LOL

    so the coats are funny looking but way more practical than umbrellas wouldn’t you agree?


    More practical than umbrella nad can be used on Shabbos.


    For my husband it’s great because he can fold it up and put it in his case or bag if the weather improves and it’s too hot for a coat. Otherwise you’re stuck wearing the coat and shvitzing too. I’m not too concerned about the cover of GQ and he usually takes it off when he comes home, so it doesn’t matter to me what he looks like when he’s walking around.

    am yisrael chai

    These coats are very tzniusdik


    The objective of this raingear is to protect you from getting sopped from rain.

    If the same were offered by a high fashion garbage magazine/company would you say the same?!?!?!?


    This blog is one hundred percent lashon hara. By you saying that the coats look funny you are causing that people should not buy the coat which can cause lots of damadge to the company. As elul approaches, lets try to be more careful.


    thanx for the :)’s guys

    yaakov doe

    I also don’t like the look, but it certainly kept me dry this Shabbos. A top rated innovation for the community, like the Shabbos lamp.

    If a designer logo was on it it would be a hot item for the goysha world too.


    wherdya go frumguy


    The one major problem with them is they are not very rain resistant. The raincoat gets wet on the outside as well as the inside. Ironic!


    These coats are very tzniusdik

    Obviously, if they attract so much attention, they are not tznua!


    To me they appear to be uncomfortable as they trap body heat and moisture in. Modern weather resistant materials like gortex are “breathable.” That is they keep the rain away from you and let body heat and moisture escape.

    YW Moderator-42

    Mother101, if someone is not going to buy it because it looks funny, I don’t think that it matters whether they read it here in the CR. On the other hand, some people might not have known about them and will now buy. In many cases like these, any publicity is good publicity.


    There was a prior thread asking for shaitel macher recommendations. One person wrote back that they thought it inappropriate because people would think poorly of those not listed. Mother101’s comment got me thinking about when it would verses when it would not be appropriate to talk about things (meaning, what’s ok to say vs. what’s not. I think openly assessing quality is ok. But, maybe we should talk about what’s halachikly ok to mention first, before discussing this topic further.


    “More practical than umbrella nad can be used on Shabbos.”

    Does this “coat” come with the approval of poskim who assir the Brooklyn/Boro Park eruvim?

    When it rains on Shabbos, you are nor permitted, according to many poskim, to wear a cheap thin plastic raincoat, since when it stops raining you will be embarrassed to wear it (you would never wear it any other time)and might take it off and carry it. A rain cover for a hat, while there is a a machlokes haposkim whether it’s mutter, is a different matter.

    It seems to me from the posts above, that this may apply to this type of raincoat as well. I have worn it, and besides its look, it gets very hot and uncomfortable, and I can see where someone would remove it when the rain has stopped.

    be good

    It’s funny the things I think, and never dare say… guess the CR is a good place to say it!

    Here it is: Of course they look totally ridiculous!!!

    (that felt good ;0) )

    Thanks for the laugh on a very stressful morning!


    When I put on a raincoat on my little daughter, she said “I look like a geek”.

    My response- I rather be a dry geek than a wet non-geek.

    The Frumguy

    I’m still here.

    In addition to looking like a steroid-taking mushroom, I know many men in shul who did indeed complain about having gotten soaked this past Shabbos.

    Why would giving my opinion about a raincoat constitute “Lashon Hora?” Is this in the Sefer Chofetz Chaim?


    if it keeps your hat or shtraimel dry why do you care so much what it looks like. it is not being worn for fashion. it is being worn to keep you dry.

    think about uggs boots, they are quite ugggggggly but they keep my feet nice and warm


    do you mean the spacesuits


    “if it keeps your hat or shtraimel dry”

    According to many poskim, that is not a heter unless the rain is heavy enough to soak through your hat or shtraimel to your scalp. But according to these poskim, the plastic hat shmatte is not mutter for an ordinary rain or if you are just going a short distance.


    If I wore a hat I would definitely get a shayne coat. As it is, I just wear a raincoat and a rain hat.


    a plain plastic shmata on the hat ia a problem of hotzaa since it is not a levush.


    It’s good for the “Baba” industry.


    First off, I think the only time most wear a shayne coat (especially over a hat) is when its raining (and not just drizzling). Who really cares about fashion at that point?

    Second, the main alternative is wearing a plastic bag. Which is for one thing, way not cool. And secondly, it problematic without an eruv. As for a shayne coat, I don’t know if there is such an opinion that one might take it off by a shayne coat (sounds shver b/c it’d be the same with any raincoat which I don’t think anyone doesn’t allow), but for sure it is considered a beged and is no problem of hotzah (carrying) on Shabbos (being as the hatcover is one garment with the rest of the coat).


    Most of you who responded never actually wore a Shaynecoat. The Shaynecoat is made out of a waterproof polyester that is a breathable material, not plastic. There are other companies that make the coat out of nylon. I would rather look funny in the rain and look normal in shul. As far as halachah almost every rov that I know of wears one on Shabbos.


    I only wear it when it is really really raining hard. Otherwise you get so sweaty in them, its not worth it – yutza schorah bihefseda.

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