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    Is it just me or do you think sheitels are uncomfortable…I know there’s no choice and you have to wear one…no alternative..maybe hats/tichels..but that doesn’t cut it…

    Also for those of us that have great hair the sheitel is a step down…I know we have to cover our hair but does anyone agree with me…I feel like the biggest goy by saying this but it’s a little uncomfortable….What do you think???


    L’fum tzara agra.:)


    I don’t think you should feel bad for saying it.


    “but that doesn’t cut it…”

    Why wouldn’t a teichel or a hat cut it? Its got to be more comfortable than a sheitle, surely more economical, easier to match to an outfit, and if anything, its even more tnizusdik.

    Ok, less atttractive, perhaps, but high heels are less comfortable than flats are, yet no one complains about that.

    Take your pick; comfort or glamour?

    (I know which one I’d choose)


    …I feel like the biggest goy by saying this but it’s a little uncomfortable….”

    It CAN be uncomfortable. Why feel like the biggest ANYTHING, for simply expressing an honest view? There are many things we do l’shem mitzvah that may not be comfortable, i.e. sitting in the sukkah in cold weather. There is no aveira in saying you are feeling COLD. AS long as you do what you are supposed to do, you get the s’char mitzvah. Anyone can do a mitzvah when it is easy. the one who does it even when it is NOT easy, gets some extras brownie points. If you really feel uncomfortable, find a more comfy way to cover your hair. That is also perfectly ok.


    The older I get,the more I love my shevy!(not Chevy)


    Yup, they’re uncomfortable. You can anytime put on a Shpitzel. Sounds much more comfortable 🙂


    If you feel it is uncomfortable it probably doesn’t fit quite right. Maybe you need to adjust it. You shouldn’t really feel it on your head once you get used to it.


    anything on your head for long period of time, is indeed not so comfortable. you can try to get a better fit, lighter etc, but still. Thats why many women change into a light snood as soon as they wlak into the door. Out of town, FL for example, women are in snood outside as well. Just lighter. It is a mitzva, and not always easy.


    There are mitzvos I am uncomfortable with. I still do them without question or hesitation.


    op you do not have to feel like a goy.I remember learning in school that when a goy offers you pork,you do not have to show disgust or say that you hate it, but you could say, “it looks good / it’s probably delicious, but our Torah does not allow us to eat it.” So as long as you’re following halacha – it’s normal to find some things hard or unpleasant. It makes it all the more choshuv when you do keep those mitzvos…

    btw, smartcookie I once observed a friend of mine “binding” her shpitzl and there were at least 5 layers there – no exaggeration. so it’s not the most comfortable thing either. I’ve also heard from shpitzl wearers that in the beginning they feel half deaf due to the thickness of it. So apparently it’s even more mesiras nefesh than it appears.


    “…high heels are less comfortable than flats are, yet no one complains about that.”

    We sure do complain about that 🙂


    I don’t wear high heels, except for special occasions.

    OP, if it makes you feel better, head coverings of all kinds cause me dizziness, vomiting and fainting.

Viewing 13 posts - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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