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    I am wondering what ever happened to the controversy about the hair from wigs coming from India?
    I recently watched some videos how people are cutting their hair and they are clearly saying that they give their hair to…. as an offering.
    On what basis are people not makpid?
    Is anybody aware of a way to buy hair and know for certain that the origin is not from India?
    I was trying to do some research to buy hair from Cambodia but it looks like that the whole hair industry is a secretive Black Market trade and there is no supplier that can tell you I purchased the hair from a donor.
    Any input will be appreciated.

    Amil Zola

    Hair India is a good doc on YouTube.

    sifsei chachamim

    Buy European hair and stop wasting your time in a YouTube black hole.

    Amil Zola

    Actually, tests have shown that the majority of wigs supposedly made of ‘European’ hair aren’t. Since sifseichachamim hasn’t seen the doc, I find their comment calling it a ‘black hole’ to have been made out of ignorance. I’m good with the opinion, I just don’t agree with it.

    meir G

    heres what happened
    1. at the time of the big expose & shaaloh.. the e”y poskim felt it was asur or close enough to takroves
    2. the american poskim were divided most followed e”y in principal but also felt that ” by splitting hairs ” there was a yesh al mi lismoch and since the facts from diff sources were contradicting some kind of a safek remained
    3. the chassidishe kehilos ( skver, satmar…) were never too comfortable with current shaitels , they felt they were too good , attractive… similar to hair.. so they viewed this shalloh as a siman min hashamayim to upgrade their tznius level to synthetic & shorter
    4. the sefardy poskim always viewed a shaitel as a big bedieved and a tichel as lechatchila
    5 rav belsky zatzl-a year after the shaaloh the RJJ halacha journal and others reviewd the facts & came out that rav belsky was correct on many of the points both as far as the hindu religion & the rambam..
    6 there is a company with a hechsher for those wanting the human hair yet avoiding the shaloh some rabonim tried promoting it with a small measure of success. their message is that even if there is some tzad to be meikil yet by avoda zara the torah specificly uses the word ” harchek” distance yourself…


    Aside from the Indian hair avoda zora issue, there’s serious halachic concerns about sheitels in general, with many mainstream accepted poskim not approving.


    >> the sefardy poskim always viewed a shaitel as a big bedieved and a tichel as lechatchila

    I looked at some images of Jews arriving from Iraq and everyone wears a kufiya, men and women.

    Off-topic question – what is with Sephardim wearing black hats? Ashkenazim would wear it, ostensibly, not to honor Polish nobles, but simply to preserve the way they were told by someone, yeshiva students were dressing before. Sephartdim seem to be wearing them for the opposite reason of behaving like a community around them, that is for the opposite reason to the community. A paradox appears to be that Sephardim are more justified in wearing black hats …


    I know it’s a touchy subject. I don’t chalila mean to say anything that can offend anyone. I know a lot of people don’t like talking about it but unfortunately there is no such thing as European, Brazilian or Cambodian hair or what ever you’d like to call it, It all comes from India (and china because India sales it to china) 99.9% of hair comes from India (google it). Anyone can pose as a potential curious customer wanting to buy wigs from factories you can contact their sellers and they will tell you whatever you want us to write on it we will write. Unfortunately a lot of them also can forge a kosher sign on it. Some of the factories unfortunately משגיח only comes once a year, twice a year or doesn’t come at all unfortunately. And then all these factories with the qoute unquote kosher certification are in the same factories with the not kosher wigs they just have a different line that they run but unfortunately there’s something called combing in wig factoring and that can sometimes not always get cleaned off properly when the kosher line is running some of that hair can go into the kosher wig. There is a lot that people don’t know about or how the wig industry or want to speak about it

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