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    So I was in a store tonight and i saw like 5 or 6 Mesivta age boys and besides purchasing some nosh, they purchased 2 cans of spray paint and knowing what time of year it is I said to them stay out of trouble boys with a knowing smile, should i have done something else is it just a boys will be boys kinda thing? should I have done more? and if so what?

    Note 1 : they were looking very intently at the spray can shelf and all the different colors I don’t think they were running an errand for a parent or something.

    Note 2 : I wasn’t spying I just happened upon them.


    you wouldnt have rly been able to stop them. It was good of you to say something though. Terrible that this is what simchas purim has come too…


    What you did was perfect. Not necessarily are they up to no good. They are probably making a banner for their Yeshiva. I don’t think Mesivta boys will be defacing property with spray-paint. You said a Pareve statement that can be a joke or a hint.


    No, spray paint is perfectly acceptable as long as it is used on one’s own property. That they were looking intently as the colors means they were choosing carefully, so they’re probably ordinary, law abiding artists–vandals don’t really are as much, because they aren’t looking to make anything more beautiful.

    🍫Syag Lchochma

    One of my sons bought a whole bunch of spray paint a couple Purims ago because they needed to paint something for the mesiba and some props for their costumes. I think I only found out about it because in Chicago it isn’t easy to purchase spray paint without taking a drug test . . .


    They are probably going to use it to change the color of an artilcle of clothing for purim.

    For example: Spray paint an old pair of shoes.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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