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    Ok, I think I got the last name, and I anticipate possibly being by someone tonight who has at least one of those guides, if not, then I can either wait two weeks until I am by that person, or call some friends to see if they have it (most of my close friends in other seminaries have kosher phones…). Thank you so much for everything! I really appreciate it.

    EY Mom

    You can also call 144, hatzlacha with everything!!!!!


    If I end up deciding to go to Peninim, does anyone have any tips for fundraising, I exhausted all the funds in the community I grew up in for this year, so I can’t just ask them for more money.


    Also, since a bunch of people are split on pushing me to do sherut leumi next year verses going to seminary, I was told that I might be able to work in a Chareidi special education gan somewhere in Yerushaliyim if I am fluent in Hebrew by May (meaning I have to be able to have my interview completely in Hebrew in May), anyone have any tips on how to become fluent in such a short amount of time? I am already hiring an ulpan teacher.


    SB -If you do Sheirut Leumi do it only with a org. like Agudah. This way you have the best chance of remaining Frum.


    The problem with agudah is that after speaking to them today, they said I would have to be fluent in Hebrew by may in order to work in a chareidi special ed gan Bat ami on the other hand, I mean, they do have places in Bnei Brak I could work at. I spoke to someone tonight and there is an expo on wednesday I will probably get more info about it tomorrow. The coordinator was thinking I could do it in Efrat… the conversation was a bit confusing because today has been a very hectic day for me on an emotional level with all this sherut leumi calling. I think it would be nice to arrange to work in Bnei Brak if possible, provided that they have English speaking places…


    SB – When I was in EY I spent most of my time in BB, not Jerusalem. They have many English speaking people there, but they hide it – to mix in with the natives.


    That makes sense, that is why I would more likely be placed in a modern orthodox area due to language barrier, the apartment I could end up living in in Efrat is unique because it is reserved for anglos.

Viewing 8 posts - 51 through 58 (of 58 total)
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