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    I need a real good, knockout, Sheva Brochos Divrei Torah for a siblings marriage in a few months. It has to make me look like a big talmid chochom and I have to somehow fit the Choson and Kalla into the speech.

    How do I find something? I am starting from scratch and dont even know where to begin. Any English seforim I can ripoff? Any tips or ideas from the wise men of the CR and its various talmidei chachomim?

    Yasher Koach


    First see what the parsha it is then look at the chinuch for what mitzvos are in that weeks parsha and then go from there.


    There is a sefer that actually has such D”T specifically for the Sheva Brachos period. Try any Judaica Book Shop.


    Just say a full Shmaatsa without quoting


    maybe this is a silly question, but since when does a sheva bracha dvar torah need to make someone look like a talmid chochom? usually something short and meaningful goes over better at sheva brachos. hatzlocha.


    people will chap youre an am haaretz anyway at some point. give it up.


    Sheep: what’s a Shmaatsa?


    theres a sefer called shimushah shel drashah, not just for sheva brachos but also for brissin, bar mitzvah, and pidyon haben


    There is a sefer of colleced sermons for all occasions written by a Conservative cantor named Noah Something-or-other, that I have buried somewhere. Unfortunately I have never been able to use them because my yiddish isn’t good enough. That and the fact that I’ve never been asked to speak at the ???????????? of a new rabbi.


    Use the “Gematrikon” Sepher, and give something utilizing the Gamatriyos of their names.

    Everyone likes Gematriyos, and they are short & straight to the point.

    Think first

    I will not assist one who seeks to be haughty, sorry.


    What is the date of the chassuna or, at least, the week.

    The parsha can sometimes be a great springboard.

    Most important!

    There should be something personal about the Choson and Kala.


    Does Artscroll offer such a sefer? I’d think an English sefer would be most suitable.


    Look like a TC? Why? Why not research and put together a solid vort and present it as who you are? The Bracha coming from YOU is precious, not from an actor!


    cheftze: the Shev Shematzah (same author as the Ketzos) He said them at his sheva brachos.

    From BaalHabooze(Dvar Torah Thread): Here’s another beauty.

    The gemorah learns out you can marry a woman with money from the gezeira shova from our parsha:” ???? ????? ….???? ???? ????? ?????.”

    The troubling aspect with this is, why not say it straight out! Why send us to the story of Efroin, where Avrohom bought land from him, why does the torah make us read about this greedy conceited man Efroin, I mean, my gosh, do we really have to come on to HIM to learn out money can be used for marriage?? Say it out:???? ???? ???? ?????? (??????? ????)!

    The answer is that we see something interesting by that meeting, from BOTH parties involved. Efroin thought he’s getting the deal of the century by selling this dark old cave for a clearly overpriced cost. Avrohom was more than delighted to pay for this burial plot which Odom and Chava were buried in. Each one beleived HE got the better end of the deal! AND THAT’S HOW PEOPLE SHOULD ENTER A MARRIAGE!!! Both the chosson and the kalla should look each other in the eye and think to themself, Wow I can’t beleive my fortune! I won the lottery! My bashert is the greatest thing ever, I can’t beleive how lucky I am!

    Now, go use this vort by your next sheva brochos 🙂


    There is a sefer

    ??? ????? ???? ?? ????? ?????? ?”? ???”? ???? ???? ??? ??”?

    that ties in each parsha with a dvar torah associated with marriage.

    Inside the sefer is says, it is available from the ?’ ???? ???? in Jerusalem 820381 (as of 2006).


    To Patri

    Your use of the terms “knockout” and “ripoff” are very disturbing and call into question the true motivation for your giving a dvar torah. Some obvious ones come to mind but I believe you “get the drift”(using your parlance) of what I am trying to impart to you.

    Since you do not know where to start I humbly suggest suggest you start with Messilas Yeshorim ona daily basis for an hour for 3 weeks and I guarantee you that you will not be facing this quandry at the end of this time period.

    There is also the possibility that your whole post was a joke to begin with and that your are stam trying to generate loshon hora. I recommend the same suggestion for that possibilty as well.

    Hatzlacha Rabbah


    I don’t see what is wrong with Patri’s question. I volunteered to speak at my cousin’s sheva brachos (yes, even though I’m a girl) and I had to back out because I couldn’t find anything in that week’s parsha that had to do with marriage or my cousin. It’s tough.

    Even if it was written in a somewhat funny way doesn’t mean that he has bad middos.

    Instead of finding something from the parsha, go and find a generic passuk from something not timebound, like tehillim, or find a gemara that has to do with marriage or the chassan and kallah. Or, if you’re in a rush and there’s a dvar torah in the next week’s parsha you want to do, go ahead, especially for shabbos sheva brachos. I’ve done it on short notice.

    If you want an actual dvar torah, I really like the sefer Tallelei Oros.


    writersoul: I’ve never heard of a girl publicly speaking at a simcha.


    There were some interesting circumstances. Either way, I haven’t yet done it. (My cousin did at her younger brother’s bar mitzvah, though.) I have, though, spoken at shabbatonim, bas mitzvahs (including my own) and a shabbos kallah and written speeches for multiple occasions.


    Thank you, folks. I might be mistaken for the Godol Hador after presenting this Divrei Brocho.

    Does anyone know of a Sefer I can take a Dvar Torah verbatim from?


    Patri: Any Sefer, just make sure to quote it. Kol Ha’omer Davar B’sheim Omro Maivei G’ulah L’olam. You wouldn’t C”V want to do the opposite.


    As Sam2 noted, there’s a difference between using another person’s dvar torah and using it without attribution. Patri, please make sure that you are doing the former and not the latter. Even repeating a speech someone else prepared verbatim, without either their permission (like a speechwriter) or attribution, even if they themselves quoted other people, is probably a bit iffy. Either way, try to make the dvar torah your own. Customize it. Make it unique.


    you’ll never convince anyone you’re a talmid chacham by getting up and giving a prepared speech, just stand up and ask them to faher you

    Aishes Chayil

    I heard something recently. I am not sure if it is in a ‘joke’ category or can be tied into a Dvar Torah.

    They say that making a shidduch is compared to Kriyas Yam Suf.

    Not to forget that there were plenty of ‘MACCOS’ Lleading up to it!

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