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    How come Chabad ( and chassidim) don’t have a problem of Shidduch Crisis ? Any clues?


    Because Chasidish boys get married at around age 18 (usually between age 17 and 19) to Chasidish girls of the same age (18). So there are an even number of boys and girls in the shidduch market.

    In contrast, among the Litvish the 23 year old boys marry the 20 year old girls. Since there is an age gap, with the average Choson being older than the average Kallah, there are less boys and more girls in shidduchim. So there will always be a certain percent of Litvish girls left over who can never marry.

    The solution (on the communal level) is for Litvish boys to follow the Chazal of Shemone Esrei L’Chupa. By doing this, marrying younger, it will reduce (or eliminate) the age gap.

    The solution on the individual level is for Litvish girls to get married as early as possible, so that they should not Chas V’Shalom be the one who is left over with no one to marry.


    In Mexico there is no shidduch crisis (as far as I know) and the reason I think is also because the girls get married at 18 average and the boys are average 20-22. The problem I find with this is what if the girl isn’t ready to get married yet? 18 is young and marriage involves taking on a lot of responsibility.


    What about girls? Rav Shlomo Zalman Auerbach says that the right age for marrying off girls is 20 and they need not hurry to get married before that. (Aleihu Lo Yibol)

    Look at Chabad they get married boys 24 25 to 19 yr old girls!


    Believe there is a shidduch crisis when you start hearing about frum schools closing due to lack of students, and wedding halls looking for new events to host. Everyone you have met, not to mention everyone you haven’t, has a shidduch crisis before they get engaged. And someone, people always manage to get married. The proof: the human race is still here.


    maybe cuz they only marry their “own kind” and they are not such a big pool of people to find shidduchim.


    Is it ever heard that a Lubavitcher ever married someone who isn’t Lubavitch?

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