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    “Why/how is that bad?”

    Becasue it is a waste of time/effort and has lead to the shidduch crises.
    Many girls are turned down for absurd reasons. Once people go out, I doubt that the fact that her father wears a blue shirt ain mul ah yoivel would shter the shiduch. It puts up artificial barriers that prevents people from ever meeting

    How’s “different expectations” explain why the Litvish should partially switch to the MO model?
    Ayin DY’s comment .

    I’ll elaborate just a bit: The point of dating should be for marriage not just for the sake of dating


    There’s a nevuah somewhere, I forgot where, that at the End of Days the girls will be chasing the boys. this was all planned.
    Also, people are too picky. 20 years ago you just married your neighbor down the block and that was it. And you stayed married. No one looked for issues.
    But if you want to help, go now and try to make a shidduch for someone you know.

Viewing 2 posts - 151 through 152 (of 152 total)
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