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    Hi, I’m a Bochur looking for Shidduch info on the Weissgardenfeld family in Monsey, particularly, their daughter, Shoshana Shaindel Shprintzel.

    If anyone knows the family please reply. I have some specifics I need to know before giving a yes. Some people may think that I’m too nitty-gritty in my queries, but I think a Mavin would understand that many of my questions reveal the deeper character and mindset of the family, so I have compiled my top 11 questions.

    1) Resumes don’t mean much to me, but i need to know how many words it contains. (I have felt over my dates that overly-talkative people have many more words in their resumes.)

    2) Is the girl in question well versed in all the opinions of the Menorah in the Mishkan. (I don’t really know how much this is relevant, but I have very strong Emunas Chachamim in the esteemed Moros of the Bais Yaakovs)

    3) Does the family eat Heinz ketchup? (I find those who eat Jewish brands tend to pity others in an unsolicited manner, and the ones who eat hunts have very poor judgement overall)

    5) Do the picture frames in their house contain previous, or contemporary Gedolim?

    6) Do they wear Egyptian cotton by the Pesach Seder?

    7) Would the family be willing to release all medical history documents from the past three generations at moments notice?

    8) Do dress up randomly on Purim, or do they theme their Purim costumes and Shalach Manos like its supposed to be?

    9) Do they use Aspen, or Cleanex tissues? (I don’t like throw-around-money people)

    10) Does the family hold of learning Torah with proper Derech Eretz?

    11) Does the girl understand basic Yiddish words, like Tumult, Nudge, and Kibitz.


    Just change the first line to: Hi, I am a Bochur‘s mother etc…


    (If I’m not mistaken, you indicated somewhere (?) you’re married.)

    I happen to know the family in question. I’m the father around. And it’s three separate daughters, Shoshana, Shaindel and Shprintzel. And from the deep questions you posed I sort of got your “deeper character and mindset”.


    1) Just about 10.5 – we always use few words (don’t I?)

    2) They’re all home schooled

    3) We never sit down to eat ketchup, as far as I recall

    4) All pictures are of me. In interesting “poses”

    more later…

    ☕ DaasYochid ☕

    LF, don’t let any of your daughters go out with someone who doesn’t even know how to count.


    DY: It’s okay. Apparently LF can’t count either so it’s a perfect match.


    Word to the Weissgardenfeld family. BOLO on the Bochur.


    froggy, can i download any of those pics on the internet?


    I just received a call from the Weissgardenfeld regarding this shidduch. They wanted to know if the OP has a family minhag of skipping item number 4 on lists.

    The Wolf


    to continue..

    (Sam, you’re right. Missed that in my rush)

    6) I’m not into clothing, you see

    7) For some reason they were mysteriously burned (in a fire I lit)

    8) It’s the rest of the year that we’re dressed up

    9) We use both, then wash and hang

    10) “Sitting on the Torah” wouldn’t be called proper Derech Eretz, would it?

    11) We only speak Russian (in fact I don’t even know English). I had an Engineer Masters in Russia (for horse and buggy) before I emigrated here to continue on as a car service driver.


    That just proves he’s not really nitty-gritty.

    ED IT OR

    propa funny


    Thank you everyone who has been helping me finding info. After numerous phone calls, i received very positive information about Weissgardenfelds. And most of my questions were answered.

    1) I got hold of her resume and it has the perfect word count, so I decided to go ahead with the Shidduch.(3’8″ counts as two words)

    2) I received a copy of my local bais yaakov test on the Menorah, and figured I will supervise her taking it in the first date. (I will grade it then and there, and see where to go from there)

    3) Thank you to Rebitzen Shlisselchallah, for looking into the ketchup issue. Although k’vodah was only able to find out that they use Hellman’s Mayonnaise, it gives my mother great insight, ke’ilu we got the info of ketchup i’m saying.

    4) Sheyeish Mafalton shel Resho’im

    5) Thank you Shloimie for impersonating united water, and looking into the picture situation in the Weissgardenfeld home.

    6) I was not able to find out if they wear Egyptian cotton by the seder, But even more valuable info, I called Charles Tyrwhitt yesterday, and they confirmed that shipments have been made to Weissgardenfeld in Monsey NY before Pesach @ 29.90 USD a shirt.

    7) A chaver of mine told me that he learns in the night kollel with a chaver of the general of practitioners in the us. something.

    8) First I found out that the rov in monsey holds not to dress up in themes on purim. Then I found out that the Weissgardenfels were cheroke indians over purim. I’m not clur yet what to do yet.

    9) When I arrive to their house, i will ask to use the bathrooom. If they have cleenex tissues, I will confront them. (I’m a head on problem solver, and down-to-the- issues person. A person also has to know when to be a kano’i like pinchus)

    10) I do not know yet whether they learn torah with proper derech eretz.

    11)As far as if she knows yiddish, i will stick it in the conversation. Ill say, “I don’t want to nudge you to say a shtickle toireh, but I feel it’s like a tumult. Just kibbitzing” I will ask her on the date.

    -As a tip to all other bochurim in shidduchim, there is a problem since half the date is in the car, and you don’t see any facial expressions during the conversation, (e.g., when you get up to hilchois gittin, does she wince, etc.) I turn the rear-view mirror down and to the right so we can have face to face conversations while i’m driving. This is extremely efficient, and cuts the actual dating time in half, so once you are by the destination, you can drive right back.

    -As an aside, by the time this goes to print, I have called the shidduch off at the end when it was confirmed that they use plastic-ware by shalashudis.

    Nu Nu thats life abi melebt, vi nisht vi there are always other dates. ain mol karpas in saltz vasser v’einmol marror un charoises. Soif kol soif, some day I’ll be in the pictures in the center pages to look bein hasedorim.


    Shidduch Info

    Family: Fleishberger

    Location: Lakewood

    Specific Question: Do they Cut the gefilte fish on a slant?

    Please respond asap.


    They don’t cut their fish at all


    They make multicolored stacked garnished salmon and Chilean sea bass gefilte fish.

    Just like Bubby used to make.

    (And imply that they’d let a roll of FROZEN gefilte fish in their house and it’s them who will be calling off the shidduch…)

    🍫Syag Lchochma

    you all seem to think it’s funny but this really keeps me up at night. My six year old likes to make her own pony tail so it always looks messy, kind of like a six year old did it. How will I EVER get a shidduch for my other kids if she walks around in public like that!

    ☕ DaasYochid ☕

    You are just going to have to keep her out of the public eye.


    cut the ponytail off


    you all seem to think it’s funny but this really keeps me up at night. My six year old likes to make her own pony tail so it always looks messy, kind of like a six year old did it. How will I EVER get a shidduch for my other kids if she walks around in public like that!”

    Syag, I wince when I see the way some little kids dress or comb their hair. But I also shep nachas, when I realize they did it on their own, and are asserting their independent thought. As long as it is not an issue of a dress code or such, or not a boosha to Shabbos or Yom Tov, we learn to pick and choose our battles. And as they say, just “let it go, let it go.”

    🍫Syag Lchochma

    oomis – so right about the nachas. I was obviously joking (tho my older dausghter may actually feel that way) but she is so proud of that ponytail that it would never occur to me to suggest “fixing it”. Yes, it is sloppy, but her teacher knows why and her classroom is not quite “public” in my eyes. I have never said a word to her about it because the look on her face when she stands in front of that mirror thinking she is grown up and independent is priceless.

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