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    Shidduchem shidduchem shidduchem!!
    Is this like real estate? Do we need to be in the right location like by real estate to find our right shidduch?

    The Real Truth

    no it is up to hashem in the right time the right place iy”h


    That pretty much sizes things.
    PS dont tell your date that you troll that will kill any chances of it going anywhere


    Yevamos 64 connects them – a man is not a full man without isha and karka, BUT

    hurry up to buy real estate, but take your time in selecting isha.


    Ever since the advent of “resumes” in shidduchim, a not-that-old phenomenon, girls have become like real estate to be traded and bandied about.

    Time to get rid of the resumes.


    Hashem has already chosen who your zivug is for life together, 40 days before you were even born and is just waiting for you to do your part of the RUCHNIUS hishtadlus of tefilla/prayer to Hashem together with Bitachon and Emunah faith and trust in Hashem.

    Now ask yourself if your doing your hishtadlus….. Cause we all know Hashem already chose your zivug 40 days before you even stepped foot into this temporary physical world.

    May Hashem help you so you do your hishtadlus and can get married at the right time bkarov


    Shiduchim does require hishtadlut

    Reb Eliezer

    It says קשה זווגו של אדם כקריעת ים סוף, the Chidushei Harim explains that the match comes in unexpected way as the splitting of the sea. One must put in the hishtadlus but the help does not necessary come from it as finding a job.


    Thanks for the encouragement and replies seems from here that we need to do hishtadlus but we won’t know if and when we will get married. It also seems that someone hates resumes which I think is just hishtadlus to get the name out and the information.

    But finding a good property will take as hard work as finding a good match.


    Obviously, hishtadlus is a factor in finding the right partner, but ultimately, face-to-face interaction after initial indirect communications through third-parties or virtual/remote contacts is a necessity to affirm the chemistry is there on both sides. If you’ve been hanging out somewhere during Covid or have always telecommuted from OOT, you might want to consider moving back to the American reincarnation of the Alte Heim for your serious dating and hopefully engagement. Location, location, location. Having the resources to purchase a home or rent a nice condo is a great starting point to build on too.


    Gemara in Sota says that the same kind of Bas Kol that says Bas Ploni l’ploni, also says Bayis Ploni l’ploni and Sadeh PLoni l’ploni.

    To respond to UJM, shidduchim resumes are not really resumes. They are more like contact/reference lists. it is a wonderful convenience that saves a lot of time. If calling it a resume bothers you, then by all means change the name.


    No but a shidduch does involve going out of your comfort zone and doing hishtadlus.

Viewing 12 posts - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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