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    Who made this new hit song and where can it be found? And what does it have to do with viznitz?


    The song is from the sitra achra.

    Vorka Chassid

    I think its propaganda.

    Proudly Hasidic

    A bunch of meshuguim!!!! Its a shame for jews everywhere….All the gedolim have to come out together against this form of cult…it has ZERO to do with yiddishkeit!!!!
    If this so called leader would get up tomorrow & tell his followers to sin against the Torah they would all do it!!!


    I hate the song, think the word is extremely negative and derogatory; however, the point the song was trying to make is that his followers should live a simple life and eschew luxuries/expensive stuff. A tragi-comic epic fail.


    The vishnitze rebbe said in a speech that it was his father’s shita that a chusid should be like a tail. Just like a tail is always attached and follows the body, so should a chusid be close to his rebbe and be guided accordingly.
    He said it to his chassidim, and it’s not our business to judge nor criticize. The arrogance of those who are speaking negatively of it, while claiming to represent another shita/ opinion.


    (I don’t think a song people sing about themselves would be derogatory.)
    I’ve read that the point is to be entirely subservient to the Rebbe.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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