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    Does anyone have a sensible method of learning hilchos pesach in there 30 days before Pesach?

    Eg a sefer (Hebrew or English) that with 10 min a day will cover the basis?

    Thank you and good Purim!!


    You should have posed this question 1 week ago, and I would have sent you to the YU book sale. But since this past Sunday was their last day, you simply shall have to wait until next year to procure some good Sifrei Hilchos Pesach.


    KJ Chusid no need to wait so long, just wait until after Pesach – you can get great deals on Pesach seforim.

    Kidding aside…

    My suggestion Ramateshkolnik is to use those reviews by many of the reliable hashgachas & call your local rav as necessary for shailas. As for a seder limud, 10 minutes is not enough to learn even b’kitzur all of hilchos pesach. I would think of taking a section of Mishnah Berurah/Aruch Hashulchan/Shulchan Aruch HaRav etc. (make a reasonable cheshbon how much ground you can cover) and cover that area in a little depth. For example using dirshu’s edition or adding by learning the sefer Piskei Teshuvos on the Mishnah Berurah [or a more in depth English sefer on the topic ]etc. I’d also perhaps consider a few minutes here and there to prepare some divrei Torah on the haggadah and for other seudas during Pesach. Over a few years you can cover a substantial amount of ground. Perhaps adding some chazara of previous years – one can take notes for example so as to add on each year.



    I would guess that KJ chusid is really 147.

    It’s much easier to change a name than a style.

    To the Original Question, There is a sefer called ?????? ??? ???? ??? by Rav Shloima Dickman that brings the halachos bikitzur and divides it up to a 30 cycle.

    The sefer has many haskomos, from poskim in Eretz Yisroel and America.

    You can get in most seforim stores.

    Jewish Thinker

    I think that every day on this thread people should post a halacha about Hilchos Pesach. Obviously, one should not pasken from here but we can still learn some Hilchos Pesach. One should post the source with his halacha.

    I’ll start:

    Tachnun is not recited the entire month of Nissan. (Shulchan Aruch 429:2)


    Good idea, JT.

    Let’s get another early one down –

    it’s an obligation to give Ma’os Chittim – money for poor to pay for Pesach necessities. (also in Siman 429 in the Rema)

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