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    You’re supposed to do shnayim mikra. The baal haturim says so. I’ll quote what he says:

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    Tur OC 285.

    Some people also say there is a remez because those words are rashei teivos ??????


    I heard a cute vort on shnayim mikra. We know it’s hinted to by rashei taivos in the word “shemos”. Why this Parsha specifically? Because now that the bnei yisrael were in galus, they had to be careful that for every “Targum” – indicating the non jewish influences, as Targum is in Aramaic – they had to make sure they had 2x that amount of “mikra”, of jewish culture and influences.

    Side point: if we are being are specific and calling it “shemos” like it says in the passuk even though in the form we’re using it should be “shaimos”, why do we say “bamidbar”, and not “bemidbar” as is found in the Chumash? (Not my question, but a good one)


    I always figured it’s hinted in shemos, because imagine the first parsha you had to do was vayakhel!

    GG yekke

    i heard from my mashgiach that the tur says betzibur. when you finish it betzibur you will get arichus yamim since its betzibur and hashem doesnt kill a tzibur… or something upon those lines, and now when they came down to mitzraim “Shivim nefesh” they became a tzibbur …

    another peshat he gave why davka in shemos was to tell you even if you didnt do bereishis you should start from shemos and carry on (and be mashlim bereishis another time)


    Someone told me over shabbos that shemos stands for “shenayim Mikrah Vechud Targum”


    An alter bochur I was friends with in yeshiva once told the mashgiach that he wasn’t in seder on Friday night because he was too busy being maavir sedrah. Then, he told him that he wasn’t in seder on shabbos afternoon for the same reason. Then, he told him that he wasn’t at shachris on Sunday because he was up all night being maavir sedrah. The mashgiach asked why it took so long, so he explained that in parshas vayakhel, when it talks about the “amos” of the mishkan, it stands for “arbah mikrah v’tishah targum.”

    The alter bochur explained that he is meikil according to this shittah to only do 4 mikrah, because some say that “v’eyleh shemos” stands for “shmonah mikra v’assarah targum”!

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