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    Senior journalist: “Tel Aviv is becoming the Berlin of the past”
    News 0404, 31/07/2023

    The media person Shimon Riklin from Channel 14 commented this evening (Monday) on the news published today in the media, according to which there is concern about a new procedure in Ichilov, in light of the fact that cancer patients were asked about the religious stream they belong to.

    The patients, who came for treatments at the radiation institute, were actually asked by the nurses if they were ultra-orthodox, religious or secular.

    Therefore, Riklin wrote: “Those who do not understand that Tel Aviv is turning into the Berlin of the past, do not know how to identify processes. If violent anti-Semitism and hatred of foreigners continue, Tel Aviv will sink into the abyss and be destroyed. The writing is on the wall and it shines.”

    Ari Knobler

    Being asked about one’s religiosity is not antisemitic in and of itself. Issues of kashrut, chaplaincy services and the permissibility of an autopsy all depend on the patient’s religious orientation.


    I don’t know if this is true, but if it is I think the Religious parties should ban together to decertify the hospital. Also I think Shas is in charge of Health Portfolio so it shouldn’t be hard to do especially after the doctor’s one day strike protesting the current governments judicial overhaul.


    Thats is what you worried? BH you have no bigger issues in life.


    for those who don’t know, ichilov is a hospital, not a leftist centre.

    kollel faker

    The fact that that type of question is being asked is very troublesome. Are they denying proper service as per one’s religiosity. are they denying care to those who are religious I’m sure they would have no problem serving a Christian or moslem


    Assuming the facts are as stated, and this is not just an isolated individual in the hospital asking these questions on their own, this is very troublesome.

    In medicine, providers should look at the patient beyond their own biases. While at times that may be difficult to do as we all have our cognitive biases and personal beliefs, there should not be an active effort to insert any biases, whatever they may be, especially religious or ideological, when it comes to treating patients.

    Todros Gimpel

    In Israel it’s usually obvious from their external appearance as to which section of society a patient is from.
    So, we can assume that they need an official “statement” from the patient.
    This points to a statistical survey being taken rather than a treatment policy based on anti-frum bias.


    They should have asked for Shomer Shabbat, nor haredi or dati.

    It was only related to screening on Shabbat. Not about Kashrut.



    A religious woman went out to look for a memorial service and was attacked: “You are religious, I will step on you”
    A woman with a head covering went out to look for a minyan at a memorial for her father and was verbally attacked..
    Channel 7, 27 in Elul, 5783, September 13, 2023.

    Her husband shared and said that after she went out to look for a minyan, she came back crying with tears: “At the cemetery, there was a memorial for my father-in-law. There was no one for Kaddish, so my wife, wearing a headscarf, went out to look for someone and came back crying tears. She asked several people, all of them politely refused. But the last one just opened a sewage”.


    “The media person Shimon Riklin from Channel 14 commented this evening (Monday) on the news published”
    Second-hand news item could be plain bogus.
    Also, maybe they wanted to know what kind of meals they would want.
    We know nothing, and, right away, VIN headlines think the worst.
    I was recently in an Israeli hospital, and everyone was extremely nice to me. So, again, to accuse a hospital without more facts is loshon horah of the worst kind


    @Things, get a life


    “Terrible baseness”
    There is no limit to incitement.

    Broadcaster Ron Koffman opened his mouth live on the radio: “The ultra-Orthodox are [sic. He said:] cancer”
    Broadcaster Ron Koffman opened his mouth against the ultra-Orthodox public and claimed that it was a “can#er of the public”. Aryeh Deri: “A terrible depression reminiscent of what our enemies did in exile” | The B’tsalmo organization demanded that Koffman be suspended from broadcasting: “There are no words to even express the shock that a broadcaster in the State of Israel, the Jewish State, dares to call his brothers and his people the worst word in the arsenal of words ‘cancer'” (News)
    Yair Toker, Kikar haShabbat. 19.9.23


    Protest against segregated prayer: Rabbi Levinstein and the CEO of Rosh Yehudi were attacked in Tel Aviv
    Dozens of protesters protested against the “Jewish Head” organization in protest of Yom Kippur prayers – in the segregation it maintains in Dizengoff Square | Rabbi Yigal Levinstein and the CEO of the organization were violently attacked and rescued by police | MKs strongly condemn: “A show of hatred; Kristallnacht” | documentation (news)
    Yossi Nachtigal . Kikar haShabbat – 20.9.23


    An uproar on the web: a school principal forbade students to put on tefillin.

    In the documentation, the principal can be heard warning the students not to place tefillin on the school grounds: “You chose to study here, you will behave according to the conditions I set.”
    Channel 7, 6 in Tishei 5784. 21.09.23


    Radical leftists are not about “equality” nor “democracy”, but about anti-Jewish hatred. They do not interrupt segregated Muslim prayers…


    And they are the hypocrites who repeatedly charge falsely “racism” on those who fear Racist Arab terror.

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