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    Among (last two years alone) hundreds of Arab attacks on Jews racially motivated (מניע גזעני) , sometimes , outstanding cruelty, still stands out.


    “Shocking: A disabled person on a scooter was attacked with stones near the Nablus Gate”

    Almog Amar, Mivzak Live News, February 2, 2022

    A disabled ultra-Orthodox Jew who gets around with the help of a scooter was attacked last night (Tuesday) by members of minorities near the Nablus Gate. The attackers threw rocks at him, hit him and even blocked his escape route. His lawyer Haim Bleicher from the Honnu organization demands that the police immediately arrest the suspects in the act.

    The serious attack happened yesterday afternoon, on the road near the Nablus Gate. Attorney Bleicher described in his letter to the police “a horrifying incident… an anti-Semitic attack and attempted murder against N., who is a disabled person who gets around using a scooter.”

    N., an ultra-Orthodox Jew with Hasidic appearance, drove his friend on a scooter to the Merhav David police station to complain about an anti-Semitic attack his friend had suffered the day before. The police directed the two to the Shalem station, and while they were making their way there – they were attacked.


    These years, it is rather the Frum, and most of all non Zionists, who were and are most targeted by Arabs. R”L.
    While all those that claim to champion human rights, including Human Rights Watch and the hate-group-B’tselem are all perfectly- typically fine with that.

    Maybe heavy fines might help reduce.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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