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    Anyone have ny ideas where i can get shoes(womans)? stores,websites i dont care im Desperate! all suggestions welcome


    Famous Footwear, is a very budget worthy shoe store.


    You can try or or Good Luck, it’s hard to find the perfect pair.


    i couldnt find on zappos




    there must be a way we can make this controversial…….

    you’re not by any chance looking for some red shoes??



    piperlime. macys.


    Please specify…You from the U.S.A or U.K etc?

    U.S.A –


    Participant – free shipping like zappos only better priced.

    Participant – (high end more expensive)


    You did not specify for what occassion. Do you need everyday, dressy, comfort,… ?? If you are in the Tri-state Area, I always find by Annie Sez. And Kings Highway section in Brooklyn has ALOT of shoe stores. I even heard they are opening up an Aldo


    you can get anything in the world at walmart. just bring them back when youre through with them for a full refund

    just me

    Feivel, you are very funny.

    I get shoes on or I have been very successfull there. Good luck. It’s so hard to find the right pair.


    thanx e/o i will try it out -btw im looking for both shabbos and weekday shoes and im from ny


    To “Don’t have Internet”: your name is an oxymoron. How can you check all those websites if you don’t have internet?

    Hey Feivel: This can definitely be a controversial topic. Many of the shoes sold today are “creations” straight out of the Netherworld. Weird ain’t the word. Pointy toes and high, high, high heels and glittery and shmaltzy and STRANGE. Have you ever thought how uncomfortable it must be to wear those things? But hey… what’s a little discomfort (or even a lot) when you’re dealing with STYLE?


    try nine west they have beatiful shoes at reasonable prices.


    Also, try (free shipping and return shipping) and has shoes alot cheaper then other shoe websites- their shipping is $2.95, but there is no free return shipping.

    On Kings Highway Between East 9th street and East 14th street,in Brooklyn, Like I said there are TONS of shoe stores. there is a Nine West Outlet, Tsakris Malis,Chuckie’s(VERY expensive, I don’t walk in there though but I put it in to show how many stores there are in a 5 block radius) ShoeLaces, Shoe Box, Enyzme Shoe Lab, Foxes, david z., Steve Madden, and another one I don’t know the name of and there is an Annie Sez (BTW) you can go on their website and print out a 20% coupon. Hope this was helpful.

    If you do buy anything, just let us know what store helped you find what you were looking for.


    I get all my shoes at Payless. I have very big feet and many stores don’t go past size 10, but Payless always has plenty of tasteful, comfortable shoes in stock in my size, and for a cheap price. They wear out more quickly than shoes from other stores, but that just means I can go shoe shopping more often without breaking the bank.


    I always find shoes at Payless- you can order online. Of course, I live in Israel so I always look for good deals on our rare America trips.

    Pashuteh Yid

    Rabbosai, some people can’t afford shoes. If that is the case, maybe some of us could help out in some way here.


    Ahhh! My favorite topic…shoes! Go to They have fabulous shoes.

    I shoe shop everywhere I go. I need a bigger closet now…

    Feivel, I got some hot red shoes. Is that a dirty word here?


    torahls1, please, please, please say that you are just joking about returning after you are through using a product for a refund I hope you wouldn’t want others to think that this is ok…


    smalltowngirl, I can’t imagine anyone took that comment literally…


    Anyway, Wal-Mart has a hideous return policy.


    Joseph, you must be better with dan l’chav z’chus than I am. It is a weakness for me.


    hideous? Wal-Mart (as well as Costco, Sam’s Club) are rather highly liberal in what they’ll take back. (Missing packaging, accessories, months later, no receipt.)


    Can you please explain for those of us in the U.K is Wal-Mart a Gigantic food chain or Clothes Department?


    noitallmr, Wal-Mart is all of the above. Its a giant department store (or “SuperCenter”) with everything from groceries, electronics, automobile service and products, clothing, toys, housewares, and everything in between.


    Thanks Joseph. Sounds like something you’ll only find in the U.S…


    I don’t know anything about Costco, but from my research (I’ve never stepped foot in a Wal-Mart store, but I wrote a 7-page thesis on the corporation) my impression is that they’re highly reluctant to accept returns. I read in one book that a woman tried to return a defective video camera (she had a receipt) and the salesman suggested that she go across the street and try to return it at Kmart, pretending that she had purchased it there!


    Also, there are Wal-Mart stores all around the world (although not, thankfully, in Israel!)


    jf02, I’ve had the opposite experience in Wal-Mart. They are very liberal in accepting returns.


    Hmm, that’s interesting. Where is this, Lakewood?


    it happens o be that in the past i was very matzliach in walmart but not recently


    Walmart is well known for taking back anything.


    jf02, In general, in any Wal-Mart. They have a very liberal return policy. And they are even more liberal in enforcing the few provisions they officially state.

    They work on the logic that if they are easy to return to, people will buy from them more liberally – even if they are unsure if they want/need/correct product – with the knowledge they can return it easily without problems.


    This webpage has several customer testimonials describing bad experiences with returning merchandise to Wal-Mart.


    With Walmart I think it’s a matter of luck, who happens to be working in the Customer Service and what type of a mood they happen to be in that day.


    I can’t imagine that many Wal-Mart employees would be in a good mood, what with the meager wages and insufficient healthcare that they get, all because Wal-Mart refuses to let in unions.


    Thank G-d they refuse unions. Otherwise the union thugs would wreck havoc, like they decimated many other business, ultimately shooting themselves in the foot.

    Union percentage of the American workforce has been going down for the past 50 years constantly, and for good reason.


    Regardless of whether or not unions are good for business, the fact is that workers have the right to unionize if they wish, and Wal-Mart refuses their employees that right. They hand out kits to their managers filled with anti-union propaganda and give them a 24-hour “union hotline” that they can call if they suspect any of their employees of plotting unionization. Once such troublesome employees are identified, they are immediately fired. In this way, Wal-Mart intimidates its employees so that they have to vote no to unions if they wish to keep their jobs. One Wal-Mart in Canada finally managed to push through a union, and Wal-Mart simply closed the entire store.


    jf02, Those union talking-points are factually inaccurate. You provide mere talking-points (i.e. being fired for that reason) without evidence. The fact is, they have a legal and legitimate business right to oppose unionization, a wise move considering the havoc and closure unions have caused elsewhere — and why private sector America has very little unionization these days.


    Stores have the right to be anti-union. It goes both ways. So if you are taking the workers’ side, then you are pro-union. OK, if that’s what you want to stand for.


    I dunno… jf02… ppl complain abt everything they can find to complain abt true or untrue!! I have had very good walmart experiences… My family is major walmart fans and we have NEVER had a prob…. the only prob I ever had from them was dealing with upset managers and employees after jewish campers ransacked the store but otherwise they are very helpful, have exchanged things without reciepts and are very convenient.

    Give honor where honor is due. I have a lot of Hakaras Hatov for their good service


    I don’t know anyone who ever had a problem with walmart. We buy lots of stuff there all the time.They give full credit without receipts as long as you have ID. Missing or torn package-no prob etc.


    Joseph, I have verified these “talking points” through a number of sources. I’m not going to start posting all of my “evidence” here because it would take me all night, but if you’re interested in the subject, here are some good places to start:

    The United States of Wal-Mart (John Dicker)

    The Wal-Mart Effect (Charles Fishman)

    In Sam We Trust (Bob Ortega)

    The Bully of Bentonville (Anthony Bianco)

    Selling Women Short: The Landmark Battle for Workers’ Rights at Wal-Mart (Liza Featherstone)

    There is also an excellent documentary out called Wal-Mart: The High Cost of Low Price.

    Squeak, “stores have the right to be anti-union” but this only refers to their ideological position. If a majority of employees vote for a union, the stores cannot do anything to prevent unionization. In this case, it does not “go both ways” since the decision whether or not to unionize legally lies with the employees and not the employers. I happen to be pro-union, but that is a separate issue. The point is that I am pro- allowing workers to exercise their rights, and unionization happens to be one of the many rights of which Wal-Mart has stripped its employees.

    Shkoyach, the convenience comes at a price. You may have hakaras hatov to Wal-Mart, but do you think the workers do?



    You prove my point. Both of those are union funded websites. And I dispute your “verification.” Where is there “proof” they fired someone who wanted to unionize? That is against the law, and you should be able to point me to where they lost a lawsuit on that point.

    Wal-Mart is highly successful for themselves, there customers (lowest prices generally speaking), AND their employees (who voluntarily work for them, often where they were unemployed until Wal-Mart moved in), PRECISELY because they have kept the union thugs at bay.

    G-d bless Sam Walton.


    Actually, the store can (and as you said, did) prevent unions. Whether it’s by closing up shop or other means is for them to decide, but it is certainly in their right to do so. If the workers want to unionize, and the store doesn’t want to be overrun, they don’t have to be.


    Noitallmr. For your information if you read up on Walmart you will see that in the UK, Asda, is part of the Walmart Group. Does this help you understand the size and set-up of Walmart?

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