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    Nowadays u can get everything online, how many CR members actually shop online or do you still go to local stores?

    Be Happy

    I have found shopping online a brocho especially when you know exactly what you want to buy.


    I shop all weekday things for the kids online, and shabbos things locally because I find that harder to buy online.

    But I still can’t get myself to shop online for myself since I like to try on to see if the fit is right.

    Grandma Lee

    welcome back grndma lee haven’t heard from you in a while.

    I buy everything online, and if its free shipping i order a ton of stuff in like 2 or 3 sizes and then return whatever i don’t like


    It helps to know exactly what you want to order online, because, while shopping from home is convienient, the returning of items is harder. Most, if not all, online companies, charge for the return of items, which may cut out any saving you may have had,had you purchased it directly from the store, where clothes and shoes can be tried on for exact fit. I do shop at the children’s place online store, you can usually find online codes, to get additional discounts off. I have a Children’s place store within walking distance from me, so I usually check there first, if they do not have the item, I usually request a free shipping coupon to use online.

    But I also like to shop at Daffy’s, where you can find some pretty good deals. A few weeks ago, I purchased, italian shoes for my daughters, for $40.00 a per. This same brand was selling on Zappos for $150.00. Zappos doesn’t offer codes(at least I never found them) I found that while purchasing and buying from Zappos to be it easy, the shoes they sell are very overpriced, so you are already paying for shipping and returns already, should you decide to purchase. I have purchased from Shoebuy and have gotten some good deals from them.


    Never shop on line, I havr to try on everything. Unless I already know how the item fits. I find it easier in stores, how can you tell what the item is on the computer??


    I never shop online. I don’t have a credit card. Nor do I want one.

    Grandma Lee

    Haifagirl: you are very smart.

    Pookie: i was here every day but to busy or lazy to reply. Btw i do the same like u i buy alot of sizes when i have free shipping which my hubby hates. He wishes i wouldn’t always get free shipping coupons!


    I will buy clothes on line only if i have tried them on at a store and they didnt have the color i wanted or something like that. i do use zappos once in a while when im desperate and i often times return all of the shoes once i try them on.

    also while it is good not to have a credit card because then you don’t have debt it is important to establish a credit rating. i dunno how it is if you live in israel but in america if you ever need to take a mortgage or loan you will nee a credit score. Just be responsible with your credit cadr. only buy what you can pay back. for example use it only for gas and pay it back each month.


    I am not a big online shopper but I work for a major online company and you’d be surprised at the kid of items pple buy online. Some pple order furniture online!!!


    I shop online when I have coupon codes and/or free shipping codes. I prefer to shop on online sites that allow returns to be made in their stores.

    Torah Lover

    HaifaGirl I was going to say that. We never shop online ever and we don’t own any credit cards Baruch Hashem. It’s more fun to go out and shop.


    Poster: Why’s it weird to order furniture on line?? If anything it makes more sense than buying clothes or shoes. All you need is the measurements….


    I buy most of my clothes and clothes for my children and grandchildren online. I always buy from LandsEnd, when they have sales. Their clothes are incredibly durable and they have a “forever” return policy.

    I also love Talbots clothes for myself, so I go into the store at the beginning of a season and try on the clothes to see the right size and if I like it, then I just watch their sales online and buy at very reduced prices.

    Buying Shabbos dresses for my granddaughters is more problematic and I usually need to actually shop discount stores.

    I buy all underwear online at the hanes outlet stores, they have sales year-round on underwear and stockings & tights.

    I find that by shopping online I ONLY buy what I need, with no impulse shopping, and I can shop at night when I am too tired to go out.


    DSW pricing is much better than both Zappos and ShoeBuy. I priced the exact same pair of shoes on all three sites. DSW was 79.99, Zappos, 89.99 and shebuy was 109.99. All 3 offered free shipping and returns. 2 local shoe stores had them for 119.99..

    Its a shame DSW doesnt sell kids shoes too.

    Shopping online is convenient for someone who works all day, gets home after 7pm, spend about 2 hours doing homework with the kids, then goes out to learn and returns home after maariv close to 11pm. Buying shoes online close to midnight, sure beats having to spend the one day you dont have to work at the shoestore. Now, if the local stores would stay open till 1am, id gladly patronize them too, if they wouldnt be 40 dollars more than DSW (online AND in the store).

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