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    Has anyone gone shopping this week at shoprite on McDonald ave? I went today and it was a total mob scene. Ttraffic was backed up for 2 blocks just to get into the lot,there was not a spot to be had up or down,the 2 elevators in the parking lot were not working,and the lines were backed up until halfway into the aisles. Is this because of the snow forecast,or because of their famous “can-can” sale”?

    What should have taken me 45 min to an hour ended up taking me 2and a half hours.


    this is because of the snow.

    i was there sunday morning and i was in and out in a half hour. there was plenty parking under ground.

    Y.W. Editor

    KRM was same today. lines and lines for parking lot. Snow.


    I was there Sunday night, no prob.

    always here

    my daughter was there late this afternoon (Shoprite, McD.&I) & asked the same question because it was soo busy: impending snowstorm &/or ‘can-can’ sale? also- my neighbor said her trip there took soo much longer. I think people were stocking up after the last snow fiasco.


    It was because of the snow, I went last Thursday night, in preparation of the friday snow, which didn’t do a thing, and it was a mob scene. Also cuz of the crazy 40 cents sale going on and also because of the snow.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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