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    i heard that some ppl consider this not tznius. they say it’s like making a statement “i really want to wear short sleeves, but since i can’t i’ll wear a shell under this sweater/vest/jacket”

    personally i do not agree with this. when i put on a long sleeved shell with something short sleeved over it, i don’t have the taava to wear the short sleeved thing alone. someone who only wants to wear the short sleeves, will.

    some camps (and some sems, as well) will not accept you if you wear short sleeves over long. (or as i was told by someone “of course we rather you not wear it that way, but we know we can’t stop anyone”

    why is this? is it really not tznius?


    You are correct.

    Criticizing it is a mishegas.

    Even if the purpose was to announce that you wanted to wear short sleeves, there is nothing wrong with thinking that or saying it.


    i dont either think theres anything wrong!

    i think its just a cute style and ppl today are so bored that theyll hock about anything even the most ridiculous things- such as cap sleeves!


    i love doing short over long!


    i think its more of a sensitivity. long sleeves are 100% kosher. its just when a person wears it with long sleeve, its a different look. personally, i don’t wear it, but my younger sisters do. the camps are looking for a certain image, and the short sleeves over long sleeves is not part of that image. i think it falls into the same category as wearing words across the front of one’s chest. people wear it, but is it part of the image of a bas yisroel


    600kb, that’s a good one! i think i’ll go buy one right now!



    yenting, i think words across the chest is different. it attracts attn to an area of the body that is not appropriate for attention to be placed on. but i don’t think short sleeves over long attracts attn.

    when you go out, (or, when i do, anyway) i don’t notice who is wearing short sleeves over long, but i sure notice the words in strange places!


    always here

    600kb~ you’re killin’ me here!! falling off the couch laughing…


    yummy, what i was saying was a person can be wearing clothes that are 100 percent tznius, but the image might not be the best to choose. its a sensitivity in the area of tznius. not everyone has it.

    but, then again, you are right that words attract attention and SS over LS does not. its really comes down to the image that you want to display. i do agree that the style seems to say i want to wear it but its not tznius so i’ll ‘fix’ it, but then why dont jumpers, and short dresses with a pencil skirt fall under the same question


    I think the problem with short sleeves over long sleeves is that alot of times it is a tight short sleeved shirt over a long sleeved shell. It’s kind of a cool with it look and I cannot imagine a Rebbitzen or school principal wearing one. Personally,

    I have no problem with this layered kind of look and my girls do wear it although one daughter chooses not to.

    But I do not understand why the standard of the length of skirts got SO SHORT! but that’s another discussion…


    I think the “powers that be” don’t like the new look because it’s new. In a few years it will be considered perfectly fine.


    It’s suggestive, like wearing pants under a skirt or underwear on top of clothing.

    not telling

    I personally wear short sleeves over long sleeves. I realize that while being the first to wear a style when it just comes out is one thing. But nowadays, everywhere we go, there’s so many people wearing it! I don’t think there’s anything wrong with it.

    How about going shopping in the mall and then talk!! It’s almost impossible to find long sleeves in the summer!!!


    It’s suggestive, like wearing pants under a skirt or underwear on top of clothing.

    How is wearing pants under a skirt suggestive?

    It is amazing the kinds of garbage you women come up with to make crazy tznius rules.

    You lose credibility by saying this stuff. Maybe that is why your daughters are wearing skirts that don’ cover their knees.

    (And as far as it being like wearing underwear over your clothes, that is stupid.)


    I love the V-neck short-sleeve over long-sleeve shell.

    Turning personal distaste of a style into a tznius issue turns of tznius.


    Yentingyenta, you are right – it is about sensitivity. the people who think it is not tzniusdig are being a little too sensitive. JMO. Do we not have enough tznius issues without trying to find reasons to asser long-sleeve shirts that would have been acceptable WITHOUT the cap sleeve shirts over them? It’s a style, for goodness sakes. And it is not something that calls too much attention to it. If someone were going to look at the arms, they can see the outline of them when the shirt is worn without the short sleeve shirt over it.


    For some people anything “stylish” is not tznius. Well WE made it stylish. WE started layering it because all these short sleeved tops were cute and they could not be worn so OUR girls wore them on top of tznius longer tee shirts. Then the look caught on among others and other girls started layering on the look. It is OUR frum nursing students who wear long tees under their uniforms and scrubs, and our frum female docs who do the same. The style just kept catching on.

    And sleeveless dresses are now being worn on top of tee shirts, well guess what WE wore those as kids as well, at that time these sleeveless dresses were called “jumpers”.

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